During a ceremony on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, the recipients of our department end-of-year awards were announced and presented with certificates. We congratulate these undergraduate and graduate student for their tremendous work and efforts this year! 

And the winners are...

Undergraduate Louis T. Rader Outstanding Teaching Awards: 

  • Nicki Choquette
  • Jade Heilemann
  • Paul Karhnak
  • Jack Liu
  • Jimmy Njugana
  • Evan Rose
  • Grant Sweeney
  • Alex White

Undergraduate CS Department Outstanding Service Awards:

  • Emily Buerk
  • Victoria Clotet
  • Chris Marotta
  • Jialin Tso

Undergraduate CS Department Outstanding Research Awards:

  • Andrew Balch
  • Param Damle
  • Ann Li
  • John Link
  • Sara  Liu
  • Evan Rose
  • Nicholas Wu
  • Teeratham Vitchutripop

Graduate CS Department Outstanding Teaching Awards:

  • Ethan Blaser
  • Marshall Clyburn
  • Alex Kim
  • Nabeel Nasir
  • Adil Rahman

Graduate CS Department Outstanding Service Awards:

  • Rachel McNamara
  • Nusrat Mozumder
  • Fateme Nikseresht

John A. Stankovic Outstanding Graduate Research Awards:

  • Hanjie Chen
  • Soneya binta Hossain
  • Jing Ma
  • Anshuman Suri
a collage of photos from our awards ceremony of students with certificates