CS Intro to Programming Courses

CS 1xxx courses

The Computer Science offers four 1xxx courses this Fall.  They fall into two categories.

CS 1010 Introduction to Information Technology — restricted to CLAS and Commerce students

  • For students interested in a basic introduction to computing. Introduces how computers create, preserve, manipulate and communicate information and the concepts and tools used to that end.  By doing so, students will be able to recognize computational problems and develop basic skill sets to solve future problems in their discipline of study.  Topics include the basics of computer and Internet hardware and software, creating web pages, algorithms and logic, basic programming, and solving problems with spreadsheets. The course does not provide sufficient background to enroll is CS 2xxx courses. Students desiring to take CS 2xxx courses will need to first complete one of the below courses.

CS 1110, CS 1111, and CS 1112 Introduction to programming

  • These courses provide an introduction to programming. For Fall 2018, all sections will use Python language for instructional purposes. Course topics include fundamentals of programming — data types, control structures, standard list representations, and functions. Course topics also include problem solving and algorithm development that make use Python programming elements. All versions of the course provide the background to enroll in CS 2110 and CS 2101.

  • The three courses differ in several ways.

    • CS 1110 is open to anyone (i.e., people with and without programming experience). Each week there are both lectures and a lab to attend.

    • CS 1111 is only open to people with substantial programming experience who do not believe they are ready for CS 2110. There is no separate lab to attend.

    • CS 1112 is only open to people without prior programming experience. Because lab is integrated in every course meeting, there is no separate lab meeting. Students are expected to attend all class meetings.

  • Note also that all sections of CS 1110 and 1111 share topic ordering, assignments, exams, and grading scales; CS 1112 approaches essentially the same material, but in a different order with different assignments.

What about CS 1113?

  • Some semesters we also offer one or more section of CS 1113. These are generally specialized for specific groups (we’ve offered versions for engineers, mathematicians, and humanities in the past) and their exact focus and design varies by section and semester. CS 1110, 1111, and 1112 are also suited for all of these domains, but a little less focussed. While we do not presently expect to offer CS 1113 in Fall 2018, we may do so in future semester.