CS Minor

NOTE: This page refers to the old CS curriculum that is being phased out.  For up to date information, please go to: https://engineering.virginia.edu/departments/computer-science/computer-science-undergraduate-advising


The Computer Science minor requires credit for six CS courses as described below. Any undergraduate student in the university who will complete the requirements for the CS minor before graduation can submit the minor application form during the first week of their final semester in order to graduate with the CS Minor listed on their transcript.  (See Declaring a Major or Minor.)

The course requirements for the CS minor are:

•   CS 1110, CS 1111, CS 1112, or CS 1113: Introduction to Computer Science

•   CS 2110: Software Development Methods

•   CS 2102: Discrete Mathematics

•   CS 2150: Program and Data Representation

•   Six credits of CS electives at the 3000-level or above


(1) If  you  place  out  of  CS  1110  via  the  placement exam,  you  still  have  to  take  6  CS  courses;  if  you  receive course credit for it via the AP exam or transfer credit, then you need not substitute a course in its place.

(2) At most 3 credits of CS4993, Independent Study, can count as a CS elective for the minor.

(3) Computer science courses typically build upon each other.  In particular, CS 1110 is a prerequisite of both CS 2110 and CS 2102.  CS 2110 and CS 2102 are both prerequisites of CS 2150.   In  addition,  CS  2150  is  a  prerequisite  for  almost  all of the computer science electives.  The Department of Computer Science also requires that its courses be passed at a certain level (typically a C- or higher) in order to take successive courses.

In recent semesters CS courses have been in heavy demand, and non-majors (including those working on the CS minor) often face challenges enrolling in courses they want to take. Students should consider this when planning which semesters to take CS courses. The CS department continues to work with the university to obtain resources that will allow more non-majors to take CS courses more easily.

While any undergraduate can get the CS Minor by completing the six courses, a limited number of SEAS students are allowed to declare the minor before their final semester. These students get some priority in signing up for courses (more than non-majors, but less than majors). SEAS students interested in this option should see Declaring a Major or Minor.

Any student who is able to complete all of the requirements for the CS minor before graduation will be awarded the CS minor if they submit the minor request form at the beginning of their graduation semester. Only a small number of students are allowed to declare the minor before this, i.e. earlier than their final semester at the university. Currently the department can only allow a limited number of SEAS students to declare the CS minor before their final semester, due to a very high demand for upper-level computing courses. But students in the College or other schools who complete the required courses, in or before their final semester, can declare the CS minor at the start of their final semester.