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Here are previous/expired opportunities for CS students for reference.

Go Global on Grounds with VISAS!

WHAT is VISAS?  Volunteers with International Students, Scholars, and Staff (VISAS), part of the Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC),  is an organization that provides programming to English language learners at the University of Virginia and its extended community. Our services are free of charge and available to international students (undergraduate, graduate, exchange, etc.), researchers, faculty, family members of students and faculty, and University staff and employees.

WHY does VISAS exist? Our mission is to provide international English language learners in the UVa community with opportunities to expand their English communication skills in both classroom and casual settings. Through our academic and social programs, we are making the University a more welcoming place where English learners can achieve their personal goals and intercultural friendships can flourish.   

WHO is VISAS looking for? We are seeking both English language learners who would like to enroll in our programs, as well as UVA students/staff/administrators with native-level proficiency in English who can serve as volunteers in our various programs.

HOW can I get involved? 

  • If you are an English language learner, you can enroll in our programs at this page. The deadline for English learners to enroll is Friday, September 6th at 11:59PM. 
  • If you are a UVa student with native-level English proficiency who would like to volunteer, you can access our application at this page. The deadline for NEW volunteers to apply is Tuesday, September 10th at 11:59PM. 
  • If you are a RETURNING volunteer with VISAS, please apply at this page. The deadline for Returning volunteers to apply is Wednesday, September 4th at 11:59PM. 

Check out our website at https://visasatuva.wordpress.com/ for more information!


Web Development Opportunity

Dr. Eva SkinCare LLC is a start-up company in the 2019 Darden i.Lab. They create a range of all-natural, vegan soaps and skincare products, with a focus on a pleasurable customer experience.

Their current e-commerce website (www.drevaskincare.com) was created on the Squarespace platform, but they need to move to a more versatile platform that allows them to select different credit cared processors, and generally offer more options. One of the features they want to include is a subscription model option for product sales.

They have started setting up a new e-commerce site using WooCommerce, have moved some content over to the new draft site. They now urgently need help designing and completing the site from someone familiar with this type of task.

The site should have:
- a homepage with a general overview and boxes guiding customers to various product categories, and other website locations.
- store page (or pages for the different product categories)
- About us page
- Blog page
- ingredient encyclopedia page

For more information, or proposals, please contact Eva King at contact@drevaskincare.com, or mobile 434-987-1386.


Game Developers

Jared Downing, Founder & CEO at Fad Mania, is a recent Uva CS grad. Fad Mania partners with talented game developers to feature a new game every week in the app. They're currently in the startup accelerator Y Combinator, and have a community of over 1,000 players that is growing by over 15% every week. They are looking for talented developers interested in featuring a game on Fad Mania. To join the Developer Partner Program, developers don’t have to have a specific game developed or in mind - they’re just interested in working with fun and friendly people who love making games. You can learn more about the developer program and app on https://www.fadmania.com/.

Teaching as a Graduate Student is a day-long workshop series for new graduate teaching assistants, hosted by the Center for Teaching Excellence. These practical and interactive sessions address teaching across disciplines and are designed to help graduate students teach more efficiently and effectively. This year’s workshop will be held Thursday, August 22, 2019, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, in Nau and Gibson Halls.

Register here: https://virginia.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9AeOeNFhU98yQpn

Everyone who plans to attend Teaching as a Graduate Student should register by August 9, 2019.

The Teaching as a Graduate Student website will be kept up to date with the most current details regarding the day’s events. Workshop sessions focus on GTAs’ immediate needs. Topics include:

·         Getting to know your students

·         Teaching the first day

·         Understanding the principles of learning-centered teaching

·         Negotiating potential pitfalls and difficulties

·         Grading effectively

·         Learning discipline-specific pedagogies such as facilitating discussions, leading labs, and teaching foreign languages

Please direct questions to cte-uva@virginia.edu.


Co-Founder / CTO Opportunity for CS Students

Company Name: Hustle

Stage of Company: Prototype, private-beta. (Pre-launch)

Description of Company: Hustle is a mobile application for iOS that is creating the first ever, user defined, on-demand, market for services. It’s exclusive to students on their college campus. Anything a student needs or wants to offer, all he or she needs to do is set a price and that post will go to a student feed, and will even match them with all the students who'd are interested in that post. The experience is very “Uber-esque” in the sense that there’s location tracking, and walks the user through the process of getting that need/offer done safely and efficiently. Payments work just like Venmo, just hookup your card and that’s it. Each user profile has a balance which they can send to a debit card whenever they want. It’s on demand for any service, any item, from anywhere, at anytime.

Searching for:
- Long term Co-Founder / CTO
- iOS Dev
- From either NYC, CT, VA, or MA
- Can start working now, and over the summer going into the launch of v1.0.

Experience with Swift and Xcode (if not comfortable picking up it quickly).
- Bonus: Amazon Web Services Experience (.Net Frameworks)

Equity Deal (Open to Negotiation)

Zach Sweedler
Phone: 203-253-8894
Email: hustlecontactus@gmail.com


Computer Programmer

The Department of Radiation Oncology in the division of radiological physics is seeking multiple graduate students to work part time on a project.

The successful students will have experience in java-based web development and should have an interest in computer applications in medical care. The successful applicants will work on an interactive Decision Support System (DSS) for radiation therapy treatment of cancer. The DSS is an interactive webpage implemented in java. The team will further develop this webpage through computer programming and direct interaction with medical physicists and radiation oncologists in the department of radiation oncology at the University of Virginia. The successful applicants will have experience in java script and other java-based programming. This position will pay an hourly rate of $15.00.

Interested full-time UVA students should apply online through Handshake and attach a resume and cover letter. Search on posting 1521179.


2019 English Academic Purposes Program

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is an intensive language and culture course designed for non-native speakers of Engish who have been admitted to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the University of Virginia. Participants fine-tune the language skills required for success in U.S. higher education through exercises in academic writing, academic reading and vocabulary development, listening comprehension and note-taking, classroom discussion strategies, and presentation skills. Throughout the EAP program, participants work with content from their intended field of study or research. 

Deadline to apply: May 17th, 2019

Program dates: July 7th-August 2nd (orientation on Sunday, July 7th)

Application and more details here


Toyota Engineering Experiential Learning Opportunity

Toyota is seeking PhD/MS students in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Computer Science in the area of vehicular communications technologies. We are looking for diverse, talented team members that are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity.Toyota is dedicated to building a world of “mobility for all” where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can live in harmony with technology to enjoy a better life. So much of what rolls off our assembly lines is imagined here. From imagination to exhilaration, we’re always working hard to improve not only our vehicles, but the future of mobility.

Location: Mountain View, CA

Term: Summer 2019

View the job postings here. Apply here.

Deadline to be considered is Thursday, April 4th.


National Cyber League 

NCL is an online Capture-the-Flag competition. Participants practice in a virtual Gym, then get access to an individual game and a team game. To learn more, navigate the NCL website and learn about all of its aspects.

The NCL competition consists of four main stages:

  • Gym Training (Opens 3/28)
  • Preseason Game (April 1 - April 8)
  • Individual Game (April 12 - April 14)
  • Team Game (April 26 - April 28)

UVA is putting together a group of students who are interested in this season’s NCL competition. NCL participants are expected to meet regularly and use the “Gym Training” and “Preseason Game” to prepare for the “Individual Game”. Each participant will compete individually in the “Preseason Game” and the “Individual Game”. We will then form teams (up to 7 players per team) according to the participants’ skills, from the individual game results, to compete in the “Team Game”.

Interested in joining the NCL team?

1) Register here before the end of Saturday 3/30

2) After you register and pay the $35 registration fee:

  • Login to your https://ncl.cyberskyline.com/ account
  • Click on your username at the top right corner
  • Click on “User Settings”
  • Click on the “Organization” tab
  • Click on “Join Group”
  • Enter “0LUC-L36E-V90B” in the textbox
  • Click “Join”

3) E-mail Ahmed Ibrahim to put you in touch with the other participants

You could receive a gift card! The first-place participant from UVa in the “Individual Game” will receive a $300 gift card. The second-place participant from UVa in the “Individual Game” will receive a $200 gift card. The third-place participant from UVa in the “Individual Game” will receive a $100 gift card.

Questions? Email Professor Ahmed Ibrahim, or visit his office, Rice 207.


Dissertation Grant - Microsoft Research

Broadening participation in computing is a core part of Microsoft's values; accordingly, we are excited to continue the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant that aims to recognize, support, and mentor diverse doctoral students as they complete their dissertation research in computing-related fields.

This grant is open to doctoral students in their fourth year or beyond, studying computing topics at universities in the United States, Canada and Mexico, who are underrepresented in the field of computing which include those who self-identify as a woman, African American, Black, Hispanic, Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and/or people with disabilities. The program allows students to submit a grant proposal of up to $25,000 to support their dissertation research; grant recipients will also get to take part in a two-day career workshop at Microsoft Research Redmond this autumn. Grant proposals for 2019 are due on March 31.

You can read more about the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant and find instructions to submit a grant proposal at their website


UVA Mental Health Hackathon

Youth mental health issues are on the rise. You can help! Partner with other students across grounds in a 1-week hackathon to build solutions for those struggling to overcome mental health problems. Clinical, public health, engineering, and other expert mentorship will be provided-- no technical background needed. 

Dates: Wednesday, February 27 - Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Register here. 

The kick-off session, where students will hear from subject matter experts and form teams, will be Wednesday February 27th from 3:30 – 5pm at the Old Medical School (C1 classroom, right across from the corner!). Then, after working on solutions for a week, presentations to the judging panel will take place on Wednesday March 6th from 3:30-5pm in the same classroom. 3 Levels of prizes will be awarded!!

Throughout the week, clinical and engineering experts will be available via Slack to help answer questions and troubleshoot any problems. Teams will be able to work together virtually around normal class schedules. This will be a great opportunity to build collaborations with students across grounds, especially with those in the Nursing program. If you have a passion for helping to build tools, please considering registering and participating as a team member!

If you have any questions, please contact Tho Nguyen: thn2c@virginia.edu


2019 Dissertation Institute

The 3rd Dissertation Institute (DI), an interactive workshop for underrepresented (African American, Native American, Pacific Island and Hispanic American) graduate students in engineering, will take place June 23rd – 28th on the University of California, San Diego campus. The Institute is funded by the National Science Foundation and hosted by Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech. The primary goal is to address issues that prolong completion times for those at the dissertation proposal preparation and dissertation completion stages of the targeted population.

The week-long event will focus on skills and strategies needed to successfully complete the dissertation process as well as provide networking opportunities to build connections for future collaborative career advancement. Institute participants will build new writing habits, work on their dissertation or dissertation proposal, and learn skills that will help them continue making progress when they return to their institutions. Participants will be housed in a private room; will share a bathroom with one other participant; receive meals; and be reimbursed for travel costs up to $500. As a part of the application process, participants will be asked to identify barriers that have impeded their progress to completing their dissertation and to provide suggestions for additional topics to be presented. 

The application deadline is March 1st. Visit https://www.dissertationinstitute.com/.

If you have questions, please email them to dissertationinstitute@gmail.com.

Stephanie G. Adams, Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Holly M. Matusovich, Ph.D., Virginia Tech 


Fall 2019 UVA Engineering Graduate Teaching Internship (GTI) Program—Call for Nominations

The UVA Engineering Graduate Teaching Internship (GTI) program was launched in 2012 to offer our graduate students the opportunity to develop and hone their teaching skills beyond a teaching assistantship, better preparing them for future careers in academia and beyond.

Since its inception, ~60 PhD students have participated in GTI, with several of these students having gone on to tenure-track faculty positions and citing their experiences in GTI as instrumental to their success in the job search process.  One intern wrote, “After completing this graduate teaching fellowship I can say with confidence that this experience has been the highlight of my graduate education at UVa.”   Another notes “...Teaching Internship has allowed me the hands-on opportunity to learn in a holistic manner what it takes to conduct a university level course- from devising a syllabus to formulating tests and leading in-class discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this program and have taken away a developed set of critical skills that will allow me to follow my interests in a teaching career.”

To participate in the UVA Engineering GTI Program, the potential Teaching Intern and Teaching Mentor (a UVA Engineering faculty member) will identify a course that will be co-taught by the pair. The Teaching Mentor will be listed as the instructor of record and will receive the teaching load credit for the course; while the Teaching Intern will also be listed as an instructor in Collab and will thus receive student evaluations, which will be helpful in future job searches. The Teaching Intern and Teaching Mentor should each teach roughly half of the classes. The Teaching Mentor will be expected to help advise the Teaching Intern on course development and administration and to attend the classes administered by the Teaching Intern so that he/she can provide feedback on teaching effectiveness. The Teaching Intern will be expected to participate in all aspects of the course, to attend all class sessions, and will be encouraged to participate in programs offered by the UVA Center for Teaching Excellence. Meetings of all Teaching Interns and Teaching Mentors (as well as past GTI participants in some cases) will be held prior to the start of the semester, mid-semester, and after the semester has finished allowing an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with other GTI participants, and potentially seek help with any issues that might arise.  

Professor Tim Allen will serve as the program coordinator and will facilitate these meetings and serve as a point of contact for any issues that arise. Professor Allen has an extensive background in teaching pedagogy and developing curriculum. 

Students selected to participate in the UVA Engineering GTI program will receive a fellowship for the semester of their internship. The fellowship will provide a stipend of $9,500 for the semester and cover research-only tuition, fees, and health insurance.

ApplicationThe application package should contain two letters (one from the Teaching Intern nominee and one from the Teaching Mentor), the nominee’s CV, and undergraduate and graduate transcripts. 

  • A letter from the Teaching Intern Nominee: should contain a teaching statement including previous experience, identification of the course (indicating which semester it will be taught) and discussion of course, and reasons/qualifications for pursuing the internship. 
  • A letter from the Teaching Mentor: 
    1. should comment on the nominee's background as pertains to the identified course.  
    2. should also comment on their commitment to truly “co-instruct” the course with the nominee. 
    3. The letter from the Teaching Mentor should be cosigned and endorsed by the Teaching Mentor's department chair who must commit to providing appropriate office space to be utilized by the Teaching Intern for office hours, the nominee's department chair, and the nominee's research advisor who is thus acknowledging the time commitment required to complete the internship. 
    4. If the course has not been taught by the Teaching Mentor before, please include a proposed syllabus for the course.  If the course has been taught by the Teaching Mentor, please include the most recent syllabus for the course.
  • The application should also include a CV and unofficial copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts.  


A committee organized by the Director of Graduate Education will evaluate the applications and make final selections.  The number of internships awarded each semester will be based on the quality of the applications and on the funds available to support the fellowship.

Applications for Fall 2019 courses should be submitted electronically to Shannon Barker by February 15, 2019.


Go Global on Grounds with VISAS!

WHAT is VISAS? Volunteers with International Students, Scholars, and Staff (VISAS) is an organization that provides programming to English language learners at the University of Virginia and its extended community. Our services are free of charge and available to international students (undergraduate, graduate, exchange, etc.), researchers, faculty, family members of students and faculty, and University staff.

WHY does VISAS exist? Our mission is to provide international English language learners in the UVa community with opportunities to expand their communication skills in both classroom and casual settings. Through our academic and social programs, we are making the University a more welcoming place where English learners can achieve their personal goals and intercultural friendships can flourish.   

WHO is VISAS looking for? We are seeking both English language learners who would like to enroll in our programs, as well as UVA students with native-level proficiency in English who can serve as volunteers in our various programs.

HOW can I get involved?

  • If you are an English language learner, you can enroll in our programs here. The deadline for English learners to enroll is Friday, January 25, 2019.
  • If you are a UVa student with native-level English proficiency who would like to volunteer, you can access our application here. The deadline for NEW volunteers to apply is Tuesday, January 29, 2019.
  • If you are a RETURNING volunteer with VISAS, please apply here. The deadline for Returning volunteers to apply is Wednesday, January 23rd.

Visit our website for more information!


ACM Capital Region CAPWIC 2019 - Celebration of Women in Computing

March 22 - 23
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

CAPWIC is a Celebration of Women in Computing that provides a low-cost, regionally tailored, small conference for women in computing. The participants will be female students, faculty, and professionals, as well as male supporters of women in computing.
The event provides a venue for future computing professionals to gain confidence in their skills, network with each other, and learn from accomplished technical women. The event includes distinguished speakers, panels on academia and industry, student and faculty presentations, a student research poster contest, and a career fair for students in computing fields.

Registration Deadline: February 20, 2019
Scholarship Deadline: February 15, 2019

Register & learn more at capwic.org, or email registration@capwig.org


MathWorks Summer Research Internship

Come join our team of Research Scientists for a Summer internship where you get to apply your Model-Based Design research to premier industry tools. Topics of interest vary broadly across the domain of Design Automation, ranging from studying foundations of methodologies to implementing and experimenting with your research results.

Areas of interest are in computational technologies and include (but are not limited to): internet of things, cyber-physical systems, hybrid dynamic systems, multiparadigm modeling, modeling and simulation, numerical mathematics, verification, testing, prognostics and health monitoring, compiler technology, parallel programming, electronics, computer vision, deep learning, robotics, autonomous vehicles, instrumentation, signal processing, communication, and real-time service architectures.


Use MathWorks technology to create tools or applications that highlight new opportunities for developing research into products.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Candidates must be pursuing a master's level or a PhD level degree in a technical discipline.
  • Candidates for this position must be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis for any employer without restriction.
  • Visa sponsorship will not be provided for this position.

Additional Qualifications

  • Be excited by technology, stay abreast of continuous developments, and have inspiring ideas for a changing future.
  • Strong academic record.
  • Active in the research community.



Interested in cybersecurity and machine learning? Join a DARPA-funded project called CHASE (Cyber Hunting at Scale). We have three research tracks: (i) developing/running machine-learning algorithms on network and host data to detect cyberattacks: (ii) mapping the landscape of
existing malware, reverse engineering their protocols and actions, simulating attacks, capturing packet traffic and host logs of attacks and using that data to build models of malware behavior; (iii) setting up a Windows domain to understand administration, event logging and Windows based attacks. Useful skills: Linux, C++, Python, shell; Networking and machine learning knowledge a plus, but not required.
Undertake independent study, Masters projects, or join as a paid RA. If interested, please send an email to Prof. Yonghwi Kwon (yk2bb@virginia.edu) and Research Scientist Will Hawkins (whh8b@virginia.edu). Mark "PCORE" in the subject line, include a copy of your unofficial transcript and resume, and indicate your preferred research track.


TreeHacks 2019 applications are now open

TreeHacks is Stanford's annual national 36-hour hackathon and is expected to have hundreds of participants from colleges all over the world and will take place at Stanford from February 15 to February 17, 2019.

For more information contact:

Ankush Swarnakar
TreeHacks 2019 Core Organizing Team

Virtual Hackathan

Prizes –

  • 1st — $3,000 of ETH
  • 2nd — $1,500 of ETH
  • 3rd — $500 of ETH
  • Best App featuring MakerDAO — 1,500 DAI

When — Nov 26 – Dec 10, 2018

Where — Everywhere and nowhere. This is a virtual hackathon

What — A chance to help usher in the era of open finance made possible by public blockchains. Settle is providing the infrastructure to support a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized finance apps, and it’s up to the community to decide how that will look. Check Settle’s developers page for examples of what’s possible with Settle. More info about Settle below

Who — Everybody’s welcome! Minimum of 1 person + maximum of 4 people per team. All by yourself? Come to our Discord and find some teammates (check the #settle-team-forming channel or just chime in anywhere you see ongoing chats)

How — Just submit your email address above and start buidling on November 26!

Sponsored by: https://settle.finance/

Grad Cohort Workshop

Are you a graduate student in computing-related studies, interested in interacting with successful women in your field who can give you advice on topics such as how to find and develop your research topic, how to prepare for your career after graduate school, and how to balance work and life?

If so, please join us at the next CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop!



10.22.18 - CS Graduate Job posting

The School of Medicine Research Computing (SOMRC) team at the University of Virginia is seeking a Full Stack Developer. This position will provide support in advanced computing for SOM researchers. He/she will work closely with the rest of the SOMRC team and other related service units to provide solutions for users' computational needs and related data analysis. The position will be a key integrator of systems, data, analysis, and visualization in support of SOM faculty research.

The new hire to this position will also play a key role in web development related to the iTHRIV collaboration.

Skills/Attributes Required:

  1.  Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related discipline, or comparable experience.

  2.  Strong experience in systems administration of Linux and Windows Server platforms.

  3.  Broad knowledge of research computing system design and integration and related components and applications.

  4.  Minimum 3 years developing applications using Python.

  5.  Experience using SQL relational databases.

  6.  Demonstrated fluency with creating and consuming restful APIs (Flask, etc.) and interfaces (JQuery, React, Angular).

  7.  Demonstrated experience leading technical projects.

  8.  Experience with Service Oriented Architecture and microservices.

  9.  Basic understanding of software design patterns.

  10. Working understanding of integration of applications with AWS or GCP services.

  11. Clear grasp of the scientific academic research process.


More information: https://jobs.virginia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=85613


neal magee, ph.d.

cloud solution architect

uva school of medicine



June 6, 2018 - For 2018 and 2019 undergrads


I am a manager at the University of Virginia Physicians Group that oversees the professional billing for the physicians with our Electronic Medical Record, Epic application. We have an open position listed here, that we always have difficulty finding qualified candidates. The position requires an Epic certification, which consists of 2 weeks of training at a remote location, project and 2 exams. This usually takes around 6 weeks.

I am checking to see if you have any recent undergraduates that may be interested in staying in the area and working on the EMR application. I would have to modify the position posting by removing the certification and experience requirements.

Please let me know if you think there may be interest.




Richard A. Pott, MPM

Manager, Epic Professional Billing

University of Virginia Health System

Health Information & Technology

Epic Professional Billing

434.297.8819 | cell: 434.260.2682

Email: rap7e@virginia.edu

HIT Helpdesk 434.924.5334