Write it. Write Here.

Need to get that paper out? Make progress on your thesis or dissertation? Prepare that fellowship app? Then join us for Write Here!, a series of structured writing sessions to help you make progress on your writing goals.

Join us for goal setting and writing sessions face-to-face or online, every week or every once in a while. No registration needed, just show up.


Session Dates:

For the current schedule, see the Write Here! Google Calendar

Fall 2019

Mondays | begins September

3:30-5:30 pm, Rice 019

Wednesdays | starts Sept. 25th

1-3 pm, LinkLab 211

Wednesdays | no meeting Oct 16 & 23

1:30-3 pm, MR5 2005


2:30-4:30 pm, Rice 019


Additional days and times coming soon!  (become a facilitator)


No Registration needed! Just show up and write.

Participate in person, online or both. Follow along on Slack in the #WriteHere channel.

Learn how to become a WriteHere! facilitator and get a cv line while getting your work done on your schedule.


The show up and write punch card system was borrowed and adapted from CSU Writes.

  • Sample Schedule

    Sample schedules

    2 hour session v.1 (most sessions)

    10 minute goal setting & Slack check in

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break

    25 minutes writing

    10 minute goal & Slack check in


    2 hour session v.2

    Goal setting & check in in Slack before session start time

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break 

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break

    25 minutes writing

    Progress check in Slack


    1.5 hour session 

    Goal setting & check in in Slack

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break 

    25 minutes writing

    5 minute break

    25 minutes writing

    Progress check in Slack

  • What to bring

    Bring what you need to write. This probably includes

    • laptop
    • charger/extension cord/power strip - depending on location
    • notes
    • author guidelines
    • your Write Here! punch card

    You might also want to bring

    headphones or ear plugs

    Keep in mind you will be in the company of others who expect a quiet space to write.

  • Guidelines & FAQs

    In general, Write Here! sessions should provide a productive space for attendees. This means a balance of what you need and what your fellow writers need. Currently Write Here! tries to create a fairly quiet atmosphere focused on productive writing. We work in short writing sprints with breaks to allow period of focus. During the writing sprints (25 minutes), attendees are asked to remain quiet, not talk, minimize noise, and focus on writing. We suggest closing all email programs and making sure your phone won't be a distraction. Avoid getting up during the 25 minute blocks if possible. During breaks, take a break. Get away from your writing, stretch or exercise if you are able. It can help you focus again in the next block. Because we know there will be some noise with a group of people typing on keyboards, many attendees may find headphones or earplugs beneficial.

    Can I listen to music?

    Sure! Just use headphones and try to keep it at a level where you are the only one who can hear it.

    Do I have to register or sign in?

    Write Here! sessions require no registration. However, we ask you do sign in on the attendance sheet provided by the facilitator. This helps us track how popular these events are, plan our space reservations and more. It also help us verify attendance that matches your punch card. 

    How do I make progress on my punch card?

    Bring your card to each session you attend and have the facilitator date & sign it. Also be sure to sign in on the attendance sheet.

Get a punch card. Log your writing. Earn a reward.

Starting Spring 2019, pick up a Write Here! punch card and bring it to every Write Here! session you attend. At each session, sign in on the attendance sheet and have the facilitator sign and date your card. When you fill your card by attending sessions, bring it to the Graduate Writing Lab to claim your prize. You will have taken steps towards writing regularly.

Meet our WriteHere! Facilitators

WriteHere! facilitators lead weekly show up and write sessions. They work with the director to manage, schedule, and advertise their sessions and keep time and records each week.

  • Bonnie Dougherty

    PhD student, BME | WriteHere! Leader, GRFP Mentor

    Bonnie Dougherty has facilitated WriteHere! sessions since their start in 2019. She is also GRFP mentor and meets one-on-one to help students plan their applications.

  • Kristopher Rawls

    Kristopher Rawls

    PhD Candidate, BME | WriteHere! Leader

    Kris Rawls is a doctoral candidate in biomedical engineering researching novel biomarkers for drug induced kidney injury. In addition to WriteHere, Kris also participates in a peer review group with other students from BME and CHE.

  • Katelyn Stenger

    Katelyn Stenger

    PhD Student, CEE | EWPA Graduate Student Leader, WriteHere! Leader

    Katelyn Stenger is the founding graduate student leader of Engineers Writing for Public Audiences. She also leads WriteHere sessions to catalyze writing for engineering students. She is a PhD student in Civil & Enviornmental Engineering focused on the intersection of behavioral science and sustainable systems. LinkedIn

  • LeighAnn Larkin

    PhD Candidate, Engineering Physics | WriteHere! Leader

    LeighAnn Larkin is a doctoral candidate in the Engineering Physics Program studying Nanoscale Heat Transfer in thin film structures. LeighAnn is a facilitator of WriteHere!. 

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  • Online Resources

    The Graduate Writing Lab has compiled a selection of online resources relevant to the writing and communication needs of UVA Engineering graduate students.

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  • Get Involved

    The Graduate Writing Lab provides a number of opportunities for faculty, post docs, and graduate students to get involved. Those with research or grant writing experience might considering being on a panel or leading a workshop. Future opportunities may exist for assisting with research projects, text cleaning, text analysis, qualitative coding, resource development, consultant training and more. See our current opportunities including position announcements by following the link below.

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