Faculty Offerings

The Graduate Writing Lab piloted faculty offerings in Summer 2018. These included one-on-one consultations with our writing consultants and asynchronous services such as proofreading and English language feedback.

Reccommended resource for faculty: Purdue OWL's Faculty Guide to Working with Graduate Student Writers

Currently the Graduate Writing Lab focuses on working with graduate students and postdocs in Engineering. However, faculty & staff are welcome to attend GWL events or discuss options for improving their feedback for graduate students with the director. Faculty and staff are welcome to share ideas for support or interest in support with the director via email or through our online form.

One-on-One Consultations (pilot ended Fall 2018)

During the extension of the pilot, UVA Engineering faculty were welcome to make one-on-one consultations with our writing consultants to discuss their work, as a pre-consult to asynchronous services or to clarify feedback from asynchronous services.

  • About Faculty Consultations

    Writing consultants can assist with

    • English language concerns
    • Flow
    • Clarity
    • Argument Development
    • Organization
    • or generally act as expert outside readers for your work.


    You might also schedule a consultation

    • prior to submitting work for asynchronous services to identify what services would be most helpful
    • after recieving asynchronous services to further clarify feedback or identify next steps.


    More information about one-on-one consultations for graduate students and postdocs can be found HERE.

    Learn about one-on-one consultations

Asynchronous Services for UVA Engineering Faculty - Summer 2018 Pilot (ended)

UVA Engineering faculty had the opportunity submit their own writing (not student or postdoc writing) for asynchronous proofreading and feedback. Papers were submitted via a qualtrics form and feedback was returned via email. These services were being piloted for Summer 2018 & a faculty survey was used to identify possible future directions for faculty support. See your UVA email for the submission form & the survey. This pilot has ended. Faculty consultations continue through Fall 2018. Results of the survey and usage rates for piloted services will be used in discussions on further faculty writing support.

  • Types of Asynchronous Services for Faculty

    note: When submitting a paper for asynchronous services, you may select multiple services. However, Basic Proofreading/Last Looks & English Language Feedback cannot be selected for the same submission.

    Basic Proofreading/Last Looks

    For last version of documents needing a final set of eyes to catch minor issues.
    Includes fixing (most commonly tracked changes in Word)

    • punctuation
    • typos
    • minor grammatical errors

    If more involved or unclear grammatical issues are found, they may be highlighted.

    Does not include English language feedback, rewriting, or formatting. May not be combined with English Language Feedback.


    English Language Feedback

    For later stage papers where greater confidence is needed concerning English language aspects such as usage and grammar or when there is an expectation that grammatical issues may be plentiful or more than minor.
    Feedback in the form of comments (may include suggestions, explanation) and/or highlighting addressing

    • grammar
    • English language use/word choice

    but not disciplinary conventions.

    May not be combined with Basic Proofreading/Last Looks, but papers may be resubmitted after revisions for Basic Proofreading/Last Looks.


    Reference Inconsistency Identification

    Identification of major/obvious inconsistencies in reference formatting

    Identification only, not fixing. References will not be formatted.


    Reference Matching

    Matching references list and in text citations in a given document.

    • Noting any reference cited in the text but not present on the reference list
    • Noting any references appearing on the references list but not cited in the text

    Identifying these mismatches only, not fixing them, or filling in missing references. Does not include any reference formatting or editing.



    Your choice: highlighting only (sentence level issues highlighting to draw you attention to them) or commenting (explanation, suggestions, etc. that indicated issues and possibilities for improvement)

    addresses issues with and possibilities for sentence or paragraph flow such as old to new information, need for transitions, etc. You may explain your need further in notes upon submission.


    Clarity & Conciseness

    Your choice: highlighting only (sentence level issues highlighted to draw you attention to them) or commenting (explanation, suggestions, etc. that indicated issues and possibilities for improvement)

    addressing clarity of language from outsider perspective. May be possible to address other aspects of clarity and conciseness with notes to better direct our efforts. Content clarity not addressed.

  • How to Submit a Paper

    To submit your paper, first ensure you meet elligibility guidelines (current UVA Engineering faculty submitting your own writing, not something written by a student). Then fill out the qualtrics submission form (check your UVA email). You will upload your document through the form and provide information about the types of services you are looking for.

  • Eligibility

    Only current UVA Engineering Faculty are eligible to use asynchronous services. When submitting work to asynchronous services, faculty may only submit their own writing and may not submit writing done by students or postdocs. Postdocs & students are not eligible for asynchronous services and may not submit documents through the service.

    No services are available for faculty outside of UVA Engineering.

  • Document Format

    Currently, documents submitted for asynchronous services should be editable Word files.

    If there is another type of document you would like to see accepted in the future, please indicate this on your faculty services survey.

  • about the Editors

    Currently, papers submitted by UVA Engineering faculty for asynchronous faculty services (basic proofreading, English language feedback, etc.) are reviewed by our editors, a subset of our graduate writing consultants. These are typically UVA graduate students (typically outside of the Engineering School) working on an hourly basis for the UVA Engineering Graduate Writing Lab. Note that we have new consultants joining us during the summer months who may not yet be listed on our staff page.

    Meet our consultants
  • Turnaround time

    Turnaround time can vary greatly depending on our current capacity, editor schedules, the nature of the feedback and the type of service. We generally suggest allowing at least 2 weeks with longer time periods potentially needed for longer documents or more depth feedback.

  • Online Resources

    The Graduate Writing Lab has compiled a selection of online resources relevant to the writing and communication needs of UVA Engineering graduate students.

    View Online Resources
  • Get Involved

    The Graduate Writing Lab provides a number of opportunities for faculty, post docs, and graduate students to get involved. Those with research or grant writing experience might considering being on a panel or leading a workshop. Future opportunities may exist for assisting with research projects, text cleaning, text analysis, qualitative coding, resource development, consultant training and more. See our current opportunities including position announcements by following the link below.

    See Current Opportunities