Davis Lab Facilities

batch parr reactor in hood
The catalysis laboratory is equipped with:


  • Five fixed-bed reactor systems with gas chromatographs

Gas chromatography with reactor

  • Liquid chromatograph with mass spectrometer

Gas chromatography with mass spectrometer

  • Two liquid chromatograph systems with autosampler (HPLC)

High performance liquid chromatograph

  • Two Micromeritics ASAP 2020 computer-controlled gas adsorption systems


  • Heat flow microcalorimeter with attached gas manifold


  • Vertex 70 Bruker FT-IR spectrometer with DRIFTS, ATR, and transmission cells


  • Micromeritics Autochem II 2920 computer-controlled TPR and gas adsorption machine

Temperature Programmed Reduction

  • Two gas chromatographs with autosampler (GC)
  • Five high-pressure Parr Instruments batch reactors

  • TA Instruments thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA)

  • Varian UV-vis spectrometer with integrating sphere

  • Four x-ray absorption cells for in situ studies

  • Isotopic transient flow system with mass spectrometer

  • Access to XRD, HRTEM, XPS, and Raman Spectroscopy