Biomedical Engineering Bachelor of Science

Our largest-ever cohort of BME Bachelor of Science students persevered through the pandemic to come out on the other side with a bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering. We couldn't be any prouder of who they are, and what they have accomplished.

Congratulations, Class of 2021 Undergraduate Students

Celebrating our new bachelors of science graduates in their many facets, using their own photos set to music by Dr. Allen! Direct link on YouTube:

Congratulations to all our graduates!

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    PhD in Biomedical Engineering

    Laura Rose Caggiano

    Bryan Chun

    Jack Alfred Dienes

    Bonnie Victoria Dougherty

    Laura Jane Dunphy

    Katherine Elizabeth Read Knaus

    Nathanael David Sallada

    Natasha Diba Sheybani

    Shambhavi Singh

    Naidi Sun

    Laura Ah Young Woo

    Jeffrey Chunlong Xing

    Ruixi Zhou

  • Master of Engineering and Master of Science

    Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

    James Andrew Bonaffini

    Angielyn Rebecca Campo

    Lisa Chen

    Jaliya Tehan Dassanayaka

    John Henry Hanckel

    Hill Strickland Johnson

    Yu-Hsuan Liu

    Jordan Michaux Word

    Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

    Arlynn Celeste Baker

    Yekaterina Konstantinovna Gilbo

    Samarth Singh

  • Bachelor of Science

    BS in Biomedical Engineering

    Ramiz Syed Akhtar Highest Distinction

    Anthony Paul Albini

    Connor Douglas Amelung High Distinction

    Rita Anane-Wae

    Victoria Katherine Annen Highest Distinction

    Helen Audrey Anton

    Nishita Sandeep Ardhapurkar

    Zainab Aziz Highest Distinction

    Divya Balaji

    Felipe Barraza Distinction

    Brendan Alexander Berkel

    Evan Christian Biedermann Highest Distinction

    Wyatt Philip Black High Distinction

    Joshua Daniel Blair High Distinction

    Jonathan Blichar High Distinction

    Allison Margaret Boboltz Distinction

    Timothy Layne Boyer High Distinction

    Alec Brewer

    Jillian Elizabeth Butler Highest Distinction

    JuanMartin Carrasco Carvajal

    Rehan Chaudhry

    Melody Shenyi Chiang Highest Distinction

    Nicole Alexandra Chomicki High Distinction

    Tyler Mckinley Clark

    Rheyanna Leigh Clemens

    Maeve Isabella Coleman Highest Distinction

    Tara Lenzi Collier Distinction

    Sean Tucker Cullen High Distinction

    Sydney DeCleene Highest Distinction

    Rebecca Mary Della Croce Highest Distinction

    Nir Isaac Diskin High Distinction

    Alexander Antonio Duerre High Distinction

    Emmanuel Enoch, Jr. Edu

    Annisa Elbedour High Distinction

    Will Matthew Farley

    Rayaan Ashfaque Faruqi Highest Distinction

    Ryan Finley

    Annie Elizabeth Ford Highest Distinction

    Ashley Elizabeth Forster

    Alexandra Hannah Galina

    Zoe Garman Highest Distinction

    Kathryn Isabel Gimeno Distinction

    Sarah Glatz Highest Distinction

    Sruthi Gopinathan High Distinction

    Shannon Patricia Grady High Distinction

    Carolyn Joy Graham High Distinction

    Cutter Hayden Grathwohl Distinction

    Gabriella Ann Grillo Highest Distinction

    Alexa Anastasia Guittari Distinction

    Sarah Patricia Hall High Distinction

    Danielle Brooke Heckert Highest Distinction

    Sydney Ros Henriques High Distinction

    Simone Alexis Herron

    Alexandra Zan Hickman High Distinction

    Aishwarya Hombal High Distinction

    Aidan John Houser High Distinction

    Lauren Kate Hughlett Highest Distinction

    Ruei Chun Hung Highest Distinction

    Sarah Elizabeth Innis Highest Distinction

    Christian Hennessey Jenkins

    Kaylen Y Kang High Distinction

    Chae yeon Kim

    Gwanwoog Kim Highest Distinction

    Zackary Todd Landsman Highest Distinction

    Cole Robert Latvis Highest Distinction

    Trent Jerome Levy Highest Distinction

    Kyle Limpic High Distinction

    David Mai

    Lindsey Rose Manning High Distinction

    Jennifer Marchibroda

    Jashanjeet Singh Matharoo Highest Distinction

    Sydney Georgia McMahon Distinction

    Sarah Lili Meng Distinction

    Charlotte Anne Yanqiu Miller Highest Distinction

    Alvand Kia Moini Highest Distinction

    Jacob Stewart Morris

    Page Caroline Murray Highest Distinction

    Hunter Lynn Newland

    Leander Quy Nguyen Distinction

    Dhyey Devang Parikh Highest Distinction

    Connor Burns Parish Highest Distinction

    Julia Grace Pasco-Anderson Highest Distinction

    Rohan Dipak Patel Highest Distinction

    Aaron Austin Patton

    Kiersten Paul

    Mia Pergola Highest Distinction

    Catherine Miyoko Pommersheim

    Alexis Michelle Porco

    Isabella Renee Posey Distinction

    Reid Caroline Powell Distinction

    Kayla deVon Prose-Craig

    Emily Ann Puleo High Distinction

    Claire Reagan Distinction

    Elayna Diane Render Highest Distinction

    William Robert Rippey Distinction

    Saqib Rizvi Highest Distinction

    Emily B. Roloson Highest Distinction

    Brian Matthew Rothemich High Distinction

    Maria Carmela Samaritano High Distinction

    Kunaal Sanjay Sarnaik Highest Distinction

    Samuel Schach High Distinction

    Sarah Megan Schroter Highest Distinction

    Julia Nicole Shanno Highest Distinction

    Anahita Hemant Sharma Highest Distinction

    Caitlin Leigh Sheedy

    Zayyad Muhammad Siddiqui Highest Distinction

    Kevin Tarczon Distinction

    Steven Mercer Tate

    Zachary Vander Thomas Highest Distinction

    Sarah Susan Trans High Distinction

    Vignesh Valaboju Highest Distinction

    Christopher Scott Warburton Highest Distinction

    Kelly Waring High Distinction

    Erin Grace Wettstone Distinction

    Nicole White

    Emma Louise Woessner High Distinction

    Prachi Singh Yadav

    Nathanael Chase Zegarski

    Wenxuan Zheng Highest Distinction

Meet Our UVA Engineering Outstanding Students of the Year

2021 UVA Engineering Outstanding Student Award

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2021 UVA Engineering Outstanding Student Award

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At a Glance: Awards and Accolades for the Class of 2021


23 secured a merit-based scholarship or fellowship while at UVA (19%). 

14 earned a competitive award for research or design (12%), including 3 Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards and 2 Double Hoo Awards.

2 are UVA Engineering “Outstanding Students of the Year.” 

33 Authored a paper in a peer-reviewed journal and/or presented a poster at a national meeting (24%)

11 BMEs are first generation college students.

70 Held a leadership position in a UVA student organization, club, or society (59%). 13 held the position of President.  BMEs were presidents of SWE, SHPE, and BMES.

Founded a new club or society at UVA.

42 Served as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (35%).  30 were TA's in 1 or 2 courses.  12 were teaching assistants in 3 or more courses.

21 Participated in entrepreneurship activity (18%), including iLab (6) and E-Cup (12). 

BME undergraduates won second prize ($15,000) and third prize (10,000) in this year's E-Cup

2 Have a U.S. Patent.

80 Have done one or more internships (67%).

80% Have firm first destination plans, or an offer.

Class of 2021 In the News