Joining our Student Chapter

To join the Biomedical Engineering Society at UVA, download an application here. Complete the form and place it the BMES mailbox on the second floor of MR5. Local dues are $15 for one year, and you may become a local member at any time during the academic semester.

Membership Benefits

Travel Awards

The Biomedical Engineering Society has funding reserved to assist undergraduate and graduate members traveling to meetings and conferences. In order to apply for a travel award, you must be a member in good standing of the UVa student chapter of BMES. Please fill out a Travel Funding Request document and place it in the BMES mailbox at least two weeks prior to the date of the conference for which the travel award is being requested. Conferences may only be funded during the academic semester. If your attendance at the conference depends on you receiving a travel award through BMES, we recommend you submit your application packet as soon as possible.

Please submit:

  • The completed application form.
  • Receipts (if already paid) or expected costs (via printouts of itineraries, lodging rates, etc) for all funds requested (travel, lodging, registration fees, etc).

Please place all completed applications in the BMES mailbox in MR-5. Please note that we may not be able to provide funds for every applicant and you may not receive the full amount you have requested. Currently, the maximum award per member per conference is $500. Members may apply for and receive multiple travel awards as long as they are for different conferences.

Networking Events

Through both prior and newly-formed partnerships with other graduate student societies, colleagues at the Darden Graduate School of Business, and UVa's Graduate Schools in Medicine, Law, and Nursing, BMES is pleased to offer invitations to its members for networking events, business seminars, entrepreneurship meetings, and many more upcoming events held throughout the Charlottesville and Central Virginia area. Many of these events are closed to the public and closed to students not directly enrolled in the particular school, but they will be open to BMES members in good standing. Most of these events are also invitation-only and require registration fees upwards of $100 or more due to the vast number of resources being shared at the event. These fees can be waived for BMES members in good standing, provided they let the BMES president and treasurer know of their attendance. If you are interested in attending an event but are unsure of whether BMES can subsidize the registration costs, please send an email to the BMES president and treasurer. They will do all they can to help. Much of this would not have been possible without the help of Darden's Health Care Club and Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, the Virginia Society of Law and Technology, our Coulter Program directors, and many others.

Clinical Shadowing

BMES is also coordinating a clinical shadowing program for undergraduate and graduate members interested in pursuing a career in medicine or investigating more of the clinical aspects to their research. We are in the process of recruiting practicing clinical professors to serve as mentors, and we should have a list of clinicians and specialties available in the near future. BMES members who wish to shadow these clinicians may contact our clinical shadowing committee to set up an initial contact time. Stay tuned for all of the details about this program.

National Chapter of BMES

You may also wish to join the national Biomedical Engineering Society. The national chapter forms can be downloaded here. We encourage you to keep a photocopy of these forms before submitting them directly to the national office. Students who chose to be a part of the National BMES Organization may also receive several benefits directly from the national offices, including scholarship opportunities, travel awards, and more. Members will also receive monthly information about new service opportunities and updates about the BME world through the national "BMES Bulletin" mailer.