4S Summer Seminar Series

BME graduate students organize the weekly Student Summer Seminar Series ("4S") to give graduate students and post-docs an opportunity present in a low-pressure setting.

To facilitate representation from across all research stages, 4S presentations have three possible formats: 40 minute seminar to prepare for job interviews or defense presentations, 15 minute talk to practice for conference talks or thesis proposals, and 5 minute presentation to introduce a new research project.  Each is followed by questions.  Audience members complete feedback forms and provide comments.

All talks take place in MR5 1041 at 2:00p.


Summer 2022 4S Schedule


July 1 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Anne Talkington, Postdoc, Dolatshahi Lab

Grace Bingham, Rising 5th Year, Barker Lab


July 08 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Anders Nelson, Rising 6th Year, Saucerman Lab


July 15 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Zoraiz Qureshy, Rising 2nd Year, Kundu Lab

Reagan Portelance, Rising 3rd Year, Naegle Lab

Allie McCrady, Rising 4th Year, Blemker Lab


July 22 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Ridhi Sahani, Rising 5th Year, Blemker Lab


July 29 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Colleen Roosa, Rising 4th Year, Griffin Lab

Mukti Chowkwale, Rising 4th Year, Saucerman Lab

Yonathan Aberra, Rising 4th Year, Civelek Lab


August 05 from 2-4:00pm in MR5 1041 (note extended time block)

NSF REU Students


August 12 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Cara Abecunas, Rising 6th Year, Fallahi-Sichani Lab

Andrew Sweatt, Rising 5th Year, Janes Lab


August 19 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Mario E. Garcia, Rising 2nd Year, Blemker Lab

Clare Flanagan, Rising 2nd Year, Griffin Lab

Connor Moore, Rising 2nd Year, Papin Lab



August 26 from 2-3:00pm in MR5 1041

Wisam Fares, Rising 4th Year, Janes Lab

Luisa Quesada, Rising 3rd Year, Fallahi-Sichani Lab

Bishal Paudel, Postdoc, Janes Lab