National Funding for Innovation in Education

Thanks to the leadership and initiative of biomedical engineering faculty at the University of Virginia, department faculty are the founders and / or principal investigators for seven national training programs.

  • Training Grant in Systems and Biomolecular Data Science (NIH T32)

    Jason Papin, Kevin Janes (Co-principal Investigators)

    A predoctoral training program funded by the National Institutes of Health that prepares the next generation of transdisciplinary biomedical scientists at the interface of quantitative biology, systems biology, machine learning, and informatics.

    SBDS Website
  • Training Grant: The Biotechnology Training Program (NIH T32)

    Silvia Blemker, Kimberly Kelly (Co-principal Investigators)

    A predoctoral training program funded by the National Institutes of Health that focuses on teaching scientists rigor, organization and transparency, while nurturing a love and inquisitiveness for science. Career and communication skills development in an environment of broad trainee diversity is emphasized.

    BTP Program Website
  • Multiscale Systems Bioengineering and Biomedical Data Science (NSF REU)

    Timothy Allen (Principal Investigator)

    Each summer, UVA trains undergraduates from a variety of STEM backgrounds in the skills, confidence, and mentorship necessary for successful careers in the exciting field of systems bioengineering and biomedical data science--a National Science Foundation-funded Research Experience for Undergraduate site.

    SysBioREU Website
  • BME Clinical Scholars (NIH R25)

    William Guilford (Principal Investigator)

    Immersing BME undergraduates in clinical settings, where they will identify unmet clinical needs and generate clinically relevant problems and case studies for our BME classrooms. Funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    BME Clinical Scholars
  • Summer Diabetes Research Internship (NIH R25)

    Jose Oberholzer (Principal Investigator)

    An undergraduate summer research scholars program with a rigorous schedule of seminars, independent research, and clinical immersion that prepares young scientists and engineers to build an interdisciplinary research pipeline for diabetes research and treatment. Funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    Summer Diabetes Research Internship
  • University of Virginia Kidney Technology Development Research Education Program (VA K-TUTOR - NIH R25)

    Mark Okusa, William Guilford, Rahul Sharma (Co-principal Investigators)

     An immersive research and education experience for technology-oriented undergraduate students who participate in cutting-edge research in kidney diseases to generate innovative solutions for promoting kidney health. Funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    K-TUTOR Website
  • iTHRIV Scholars Program (NIH KL2)

    Jason Papin, Bradford Worrall (Co-principal Investigators)

    A training program for junior faculty (clinical and translational) funded by the National Institutes of Health. Bridges the gap between training in clinical translational research and data science by providing data science training to iTHRIV Scholars, immersed in a team science environment.

    iTHRIV on the web