Transferring in to BME

BME is one of eleven majors to choose from as a transfer into the UVA School of Engineering.

UVA Engineering Transfer Page (Internal and External)

UVA Admissions Office Transfer Page (External and VCCS Cooperative Agreement)

UVA Engineering Transfer Credit Equivalency List

All Transfer Students

  • To answer a Frequently Asked Question: There are NO specific requirements for transfer into BME above and beyond what's already required by UVA Engineering. Likewise, there are no previous courses or prior experiences required or expected that are above and beyond what's required by UVA Engineering. This goes for both internal and external transfer students.

All Rising Third Year Transfer Students

  • There's a good chance that any rising third year transfer is looking at extra time to graduate, unless you are transferring from another BME program, or you are a student in the UVA College of Arts and Sciences who has been taking BME coursework all along.

Virginia Community College System Transfer Students

  • VCCS students transferring into UVA Engineering with an Associates Degree almost always require three years at UVA to complete the BME Major. This is the case for 95% of VCCS transfers, even when using the Guaranteed Admission Agreement. You and your advisor will weigh your various options.

    External Transfer Students, After You Accept the Offer

    • OK, you're admitted to UVA Engineering. You've chosen your major.  It's early June.  Then... wait a minute.  You can't sign up for classes until late July?  You haven't even been assigned an advisor yet?  This can't be right.  But it is. Please be patient. There is 6-8 week delay between choosing a major and getting advised / enrolling in courses. It feels like forever, but there's a lot happening behind the scenes as the Engineering School audits your transcript and transfers your credits into your new major. In later July, you will be assigned an advisor and prompted to set up an advising meeting, where you will craft a plan of study that accounts for your prior coursework, current goals and the BME program requirements. P.S. We ask our best advisors to help transfer students, and we save spots in our second year classes for external transfers. It's worth the wait.

    Cooperative Agreement Programs

    More Information

    • First Years: If your questions are not answered here, email UVA Engineering Undergraduate Office Manager Trayc Freeman.  Second and Third Years: If your questions about the BME Major are not answered here, email Kitter Bishop.