• Learning in the Lab

    Designed from the ground up as a teaching facility, the new spot in Thornton Hall can also accommodate the department’s current enrollment and more

    Designed from the ground up as a teaching facility, the new spot for the IDEAS Lab can accommodate the department’s current enrollment and more.

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  • A Perfect Internship

    Graduate Student Finds a Fit in Cancer Therapy Research

    During her three-month internship with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering Ph.D. student Millie Shah reconciled molecular and cellular models of a DNA damage repair...

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  • Developing Leaders

    Creating a Pipeline for Diversity in Biomedical Big Data Research

    Faculty members at the University of Virginia aim to train a diverse new generation of scientists and engineers to address the monumental challenge of biomedical big data...

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  • Excellence Through Diversity

    Nationally Recognized Racial Justice Expert Addresses Higher Education Diversity Challenges

    America’s colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to transform themselves into pockets of racial democracy and justice because they are institutions of knowledge and...

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  • Crossing Domains

    Two Senior Hires and a New Assistant Professor Add Depth that Spans Barriers

    The field of biomedical engineering—which itself is a hybrid of disciplines—calls for a unique blend of skills. The BME department at UVA is undergoing a 10-plus-year program to...

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  • Going for Gold

    UVA Biomedical Engineering Professor’s Research Examines Elite Sprinters’ Muscles for Insight

    As fans around the world marvel at the athletic feats performed in the 2016 Summer Olympics, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Silvia Blemker is investigating how...

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  • Beaming Smiles, Bright Futures

    UVA Engineering Celebrates 2016 Graduates

    On Sunday, May 22, 2016, UVA Engineering celebrated 821 students who earned engineering degrees, including 628 undergraduate students, 136 master’s degree students, and 57...

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  • Research Funding Announced

    Biomedical Engineering Professor Earns NASA Funding

    Associate Professor Silvia Blemker’s research proposal, “Development of a Muscle Adaptation in Space-Flight Simulator,” was recently selected for funding by NASA’s Human Research...

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  • Faculty Accolades

    UVA Engineering Professors Earn Junior Faculty Awards

    Two UVA Engineering faculty members have earned the prestigious Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

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  • Entrepreneurship Recognition

    UVA Engineering Team Reaches National Finals for Male Contraceptive Invention

    A UVA Engineering alumnus, Kevin Eisenfrats, has advanced to the national finals in a “Shark Tank”-style competition for his team’s invention of a non-surgical contraceptive for...

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