Wahoo Wizards

Wahoo Wizards is a community outreach program dedicated to educating children in the Charlottesville community about science. We perform science experiments that get K-6 classrooms excited about studying science and engineering.

List of Experiments

Here is a partial list of the experiments we do:

Experiment Picture
Liquid N2
H2 Explosions
Fluorescent Hydrophobic Sand Fluorescent Hydrophobic Sand
Diet Coke and Mentos

Teacher Feedback

“Everything was perfect for Kindergarten. The presenters all did a very good job!”


– Agnor Hurt Elementary

“The UVa students enteracted very well with the first graders.”


– Venable Elementary

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Contact Information

If you would like to join in the fun and excitement, please e-mail the Wahoo Wizards Executive Board at wahoo_wizards_exec@virginia.edu. No experience is necessary.


A group of Wahoo Wizards