CS Undergraduate Admissions

The Department of Computer Science resides within the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). There are two undergraduate computer science majors, one for students in SEAS and one for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Undergraduates can major in computer science from either school. You can find out more information about the differences between the two majors here.

Undergraduate admissions through are handled by the University of Virginia Admissions Office. The Engineering School has an undergraduate programs office with staff available to answer your questions and an active undergraduate recruitment initiative that is ongoing throughout the year.

Because of the ongoing demand for its courses, major program and minor program, the computer science department has found it necessary to put prerequisite procedures in effect for ensuring fair access to its courses and program to the various segments of the University community.

In addition to these measures, the department has established registration policies for entry into its courses and is more strictly enforcing old policies.

Registration for computer science courses is done on a class by class basis. The intention of this policy is to ensure that students who are required to take a particular course have first access to class seats. Prudent students will register for computer science classes as soon as they are able to do so. Electronic waiting lists are being kept for computer science courses.

The prerequisite structure is being strictly enforced. A detailed description of this policy is available. The enforcement of the prerequisites ensures that all class seats go to worthy students.


The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only.  The Undergraduate Record represents the official repository for academic program requirements. This publication may be found here: www.virginia.edu/registrar/catalog/ugrad.html