Rice Hall Research Ramp-Up Information

Within this page you will find information specific to Rice Hall regarding the school-wide research ramp-up. You will also find links to research guidance, required training, and more information.

Guiding Principles for Research Ramp-Up

As the research ramp-up is implemented, only personnel with a need to access physical locations in order to advance research should be on site. Therefore, only research activities requiring on-Grounds presence should be executed on-Grounds. All other research-related activities, meetings, and seminars should continue to be performed by telework, until such time as all university operations return to normal. Safety within laboratories must be rigorously maintained, with adequate access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety related supplies. Refer to the guidance links below for more details.

Visit this UVA Box folder for more resources, and specific building plans. All personnel MUST stay home if they do not feel well or have any symptoms of illness.

Research Guidance

The Vice President for Research Office has created this in-depth guidance page with policies that must be followed by all researchers. Please review the guidelines closely, and refer back to the page frequently for any updates. 

Research Ramp-Up Tookit for PIs

The VPR Office has developed a research ramp-up tookit page as a planning resource for PIs. 

Required Training

Anyone who plans to come on grounds currently must complete the online COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention training module provided by the Office of Environmental & Safety at UVA.

Application for Building Access for Members of the Engineering Community

Prior to coming to grounds, fill out this request form for approval. 

Heath Self-Check Form

Once you are approved to come to grounds, complete the HOOS HEALTH CHECK form  each time you come to grounds.

Subscribe for Updates

Sign up through the UVA sympa page to receive updates regarding Rice Hall's research ramp-up. 

Engineering School Research Ramp-Up Committee Members

John Notis, Co-Chair
Pam Norris, Co-Chair
Susan Barker
Chris Ervin

Building/Zone Sub-Committees

  • Thornton A, Small (DO, E&S, ECE):  Gianluca Guadagni, Caitlin Wylie, John Notis
  • Thornton C&E (ECE):  Andreas Beling , Xu Yi, Joe Campbell, Art Lichtenberger, Mircea Stan
  • Olsson, Thornton B&D (ESE, MSE):  Cathy Dukes, Andres Clarens, Derek Henderson
  • Rice (CS, ECE, ESE): Madhur Behl, Steven Bowers, Kim Gregg
  • Chemical, Jesser & Wilsdorf (MSE, ChE, MAE):  Jerry Floro, Jimmy Burns, Barry Baber, Richard White, Kyusang Lee, Gary Koenig, Bryan Berger, Ricky Buchanan
  • Mechanical & Lacy (MAE, MSE):  Gavin Garner, Patrick Hopkins, Tommy Eanes
  • ARL / FRL / OMERF (MAE):  Chris Goyne, Chloe Dedic, Tomo Furukawa, Paul Benneche
  • MR-4, MR-5, Stacey (BME):  Kevin Janes, Tracy Burcin CAB: Jason Kerrigan

Committee Members by Department

  • BME:  Kevin Janes, Tracy Burcin
  • ChemE:  Gary Koenig, Bryan Berger
  • CS:  Kim Gregg, Madur Behl
  • ESE:  Andres Clarens, Derek Henderson
  • ECE:  Andreas Beling, Steve Bowers
  • MSE:  Rob Kelly, Chip Blankenship, Jerry Floro
  • MAE:  Gavin Garner, Patrick Hopkins
  • Engineering & Society:  Gianluca Guadagni
  • FM Custodial:  Vibha Buckingham FM McCormick
  • Maintenance Zone:  Randy Campbell