Computer Science Final Exercises 2021

Congratulations, class of 2021!

A Message from the Chair

To Our Newest Alumni

A message to the graduating Class of 2021 from Department of Computer Science Chair Kevin Skadron.

To Our Newest Alumni

A message to the graduating Class of 2021 from Department of Computer Science Associate Chair Thomas B. Horton.

Message from Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman, co-founder and CEO of Reddit, speaks to UVA Engineering computer science graduates. Huffman received a Bachelor of Science in computer science from UVA in 2005.

Message from the Chair

To our graduates of electrical and computer engineering, congratulations! Learning is a life-long process. I urge you to engineer for a better world.

  • BACS Distinguished Majors Program Graduates
    • Ethan Blaser*** - "Graph Embedding with Hierarchical Attentive Membership" (Advisor: Hongning Wang)
    • Henry Carscadden*** - "Techniques for Blocking the Propagation of Two Simultaneous Contagions over Networks Using the Graph Dynamical Systems Framework" (Advisor: Madhav Marathe; Second reader: S. S. Ravi)
    • Sophia Cheung* - "Item Under-Recommendation in Sequential Recommendation System" (Advisor: Hongning Wang)
    • Abigail Glaubit** - "Towards Using RPKI to Secure Tor Against BGP Routing Attacks" (Advisor: Yixin Sun)
    • Jefferson Grigsby*** - "Advantage-Filtered Behavioral Cloning in High-Noise" (Advisor: Yanjun Qi)
    • Jack Prescott*** - "Improved Estimation of Concentration under L_p-norm Distance Metrics using Half Spaces" (Advisor: David Evans)
    • Mengchen Wang* - "Microphone Array-based User Identity Verification Scheme" (Advisor: Yuan Tian)

    **High Distinction
    ***Highest Distinction

  • Cyber Security Focal Path Graduates

    Cybersecurity Focal Path

    The Department of Computer Science has a Cybersecurity Focal Path that includes ten courses. Once students have successfully completed these courses, they receive a letter of completion. 

    2021 Graduates that Earned the Cybersecurity Focal Path Letter of Completion:

    Evan Bernard
    Brendan Burke
    David Crowder
    Chang Lim
    Jammie Wang
    Cameron Woodward

photo collage of graduating students who won awards this year

Congratulations to all of the Computer Science Department End-of-Year Award Winners! Learn more about many of them at our special blog page

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Class of 2021: Student Highlights