Spring 2021 Operations

The Department of Computer Science is committed to fulfilling our teaching, research, and service mission in a manner that protects the health of our community. On this page you'll find resources and links regarding the Spring 2021 semester. We encourage you to email our administrative staff at cs-office@virginia.edu if you have questions that are not addressed here or in another area of our department website.

  • Overview of Safety - University Policy Update

    From the UVA Policy Directory:

    SEC-045: COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirement - Face Masks, Physical Distancing, Social Gatherings, and Enforcement

    • Face Coverings: All students, faculty, staff, and contractors must wear masks at all times when they are inside and outside except when they are alone (or with their roommates) and in their private spaces (e.g., dorm rooms, apartments, or individual offices). When they are outside, they must wear a mask even when they can maintain a physical distance of at least six feet. Everyone should sanitize hands before removing their mask or returning it to their face.
      • Exceptions: 
        • EXERCISING
        • TEACHING (when teaching behind plexiglass barriers)
    • Physical Distancing: All students, faculty, staff, and contractors should maintain six feet or more from others whenever possible.
    • Events and Gatherings: To reduce the risk of the potential spread of COVID-19, gatherings and events should be conducted virtually whenever possible.

      Limit total attendance of in-person indoor or outdoor gatherings or events held in University facilities or on University property to 10 people maximum. Large outdoor areas (e.g., the Lawn and Mad Bowl) can accommodate more than one event or gathering provided the groups are appropriately spaced from one another.

      All attendees are expected to follow all public health protocols. Limit total attendance of in-person gatherings or events held in non-University facilities or property to a maximum of 10 people and otherwise follow local and state regulations. All attendees are expected to follow all public health protocols.

    UVA Policy Directory
  • Faculty Office Hours

    Students should email their advisors for the latest office hours information.

    Fall 2020 Office Hours listing
  • CS Staff Contact & Hours Info

    Administrative Staff Email: cs-office@virginia.edu 
    From the CS-Office portal we are able to triage your message and re-direct it to the appropriate person(s) for more immediate assistance. 

    Administrative On-Site Hours: Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. a CS administrative staff member will be located in Rice 527. Anyone wishing to visit the office should first call 434-982-2200.  

    IT Support Email: cshelpdesk@virginia.edu

  • Required COVID-19 Training

    Anyone who plans to come on grounds currently must complete the online COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Training Module provided by the Office of Environmental & Safety at UVA.

    COVID-19 Training Module
  • HOOS Health Check

    Please complete your required HOOS Health Check before coming to Grounds. Staying aware of your own health and taking appropriate precautions is an important way you can help protect the UVA community, as well as our patients, families, and neighbors.

    Don’t have the HOOS Health Check app yet? Visit the Apple or Google Playstore to download this free app and use it every day that you will be on Grounds. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can complete your daily health check on the HOOS Health Check website or through a paper form for employees (printable PDF posted on the ITS website).

    Anyone with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should stay home and immediately contact Student Health (for students) or Employee Health (for faculty, staff, and UVA Health team members), as directed by HOOS Health Check.

    More details are available in FAQs on the Return to Grounds and Students on Grounds websites. Visit the ITS website to troubleshoot technical issues.

    HOOS Health Check online form
  • Subscribe for email updates

    Sign up through the UVA sympa page to receive updates regarding Rice Hall's research ramp-up. 

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  • Rice Hall Building Committee

    The Rice Hall Building Ramp-Up Committee Members are:
    Madhur Behl 
    Steven Bowers
    Kim Gregg

    Email rice_rampup_2020@virginia.edu with any questions.

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