Below are jobs, internships, and other resources shared with our department that might be of interest to CS students.

Two Sigma Fellowship Opportunities for PhD Students

Two Sigma is a New York-based investment management company ( that offers fellowships to PhD students studying in a STEM field and who will be at least a third-year PhD student (time beyond the BS) by Fall 2020.

Please investigate for yourself the Two Sigma Fellowship opportunity described at

Note that the official nomination requires a 500-word (max) research abstract, a CV, and two letters of recommendation. The CS Department is allowed to make up to three nominations. 

To save you time and effort, the Department will conduct an internal review of all self-nominations to select a maximum of three.  To nominate yourself, email Alf Weaver (1) your 500-word (max) research abstract, and (2) an up-to-date CV.  We do NOT need any letters of recommendation at this point.

All self-nominations received by Alf Weaver by 11:59 pm on Friday, November 15, will be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee for review. Three will be selected for further processing.  Only those three nominees selected will be asked to add two letters of recommendation to their package.  The Department will then make three official submissions to Two Sigma.

Again, to save you work:  if you have already applied for the Google PhD Fellowship and have supplied Alf with a research abstract of <=500 words (some were  longer than that), then you can just tell Alf to use the information you supplied for Google.  Alternatively, you are free to update or replace your research abstract to match the length restriction, and to update your CV. THE FIRM INTERNAL DEADLINE FOR SELF-NOMINATIONS IS 11:59 PM FRIDAY NOV 15.


The Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is a 2-week program in NYC for tech students who want to build a better world! Based in NYC during winter break, the program features workshops with advanced software engineers and speakers from the social impact arena - fellows also team up and create their own social startups that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Learn more and apply at