Computer Science Funding Awards

  • 2017 Awards

    2017 Awards

    September 2017


    August 2017


    June 2017


    April 2017

    • Congratulations to Lu Feng on winning a 4-VA Collaborative Research grant, "Human-in-the-Loop Planning of Distributed Multi-Robot Teams for Emergency Response." This is a joint project with Pratap Tokekar in ECE at Virginia Tech. The 4-VA program provides small-scale grants to research teams collaborating across 4-VA universities, to develop results to help compete for larger extramural grants. 


    February 2017

  • 2016 Funding

    September 2016


    August 2016

    • Baishakhi Ray receives $250,000 in NSF funding for "TWC: Small: Collab: Automated Detection and Repair of Handling Bugs in SSL/TLS Implementations."
    • Kevin Skadron, Mircea Stan, Westley Weimer and Ahmed Abbasi receive $875,000 from NSF for "EN-CS XPS:FULL: New Abstractions and Applications for Automata Computing."
    • Connelly Barnes (PI), Baishakhi Ray (co-PI) and Wes Weimer (co-PI) were awarded $450,000 from NSF for "Translating Compilers for Visual Computing in Dynamic Languages"
    • Mary Lou Soffa was awarded $212,184 from NSF for "Collaborative Research: Cloud Mentoring: Guiding Cloud Users for Cost Performance through Testing and Recommendation."
    • Hongning Wang was awarded $205,386 from NSF for his proposal "Noisy Knowledge."
    • Kamin Whitehouse was awarded $159,306 for his proposal "Collaborative Research: HomeSHARE - Home-based Smart Health Applications across Research Environments"
    • Haiying Shen's proposal "Application Characterization for Adaptive Computing Platform Determination for Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering" was funded for $275,514.


    June 2016

    • Kevin Skadron was awarded $275,226 from NSF for "MultiSpot-Closing the power-delivery/heat-removal cycle for heterogeneous multiscale systems."


    July 2016

    • Kamin Whitehouse was awarded $195,000 from the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) for his proposal entitled "Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems. " 


    May 2016


    March 2016


    January 2016

    • Hongning Wang receives a Career grant for $534,994 from NSF for "Human-Centric Knowledge Discovery and Decision Optimization."