Virtual Celebration for Our 2021 Graduates

We come together virtually to honor the students who have met the rigorous requirements to become UVA engineers.

School of Engineering students will join the schools of Architecture, Data Science and Continuing and Professional Studies for a procession and Scott Stadium ceremony on the afternoon of Friday, May 21. The ceremony will be live-streamed.

A message from Nikos Sidiropoulos to graduates of electrical and computer engineering

Message from the Chair

To our graduates of electrical and computer engineering, congratulations! Learning is a life-long process. I urge you to engineer for a better world.

You are expanding our community of strong and loyal alumni.

Eric Starkloff Welcomes Graduates to the World of Practicing Engineers

Eric Starkloff (ECE '97), president and CEO of NI, asks graduates to engineer ambitously.

Congratulations from ECE's Program Directors

"Congratulations to you and your family and friends on reaching another milestone in your life. I am proud of your accomplishments and will be proud of all your future accomplishments. There is a lot to the saying 'Teacher for one day, father forever.' Please stay in touch with us 'at home' and look after each other among your 'academic siblings.' I will be looking forward to hearing from/about you soon."

Zongli Lin, Ferman W. Perry Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs Harry Powell congratulates the 2021 class

You are prepared not only for this first step in your career, but for the careers you will have 10, 15, or 20 years from now.

Congratulations from Computer Engineering Programs Director Barry W. Johnson

The past year has been a challenging one, but despite the difficulties we have faced, you have persisted and reached your goal.

To Our Newest Alumni

A message to the graduating Class of 2021 from Department of Computer Science Chair Kevin Skadron.

Congratulations from One Fourth-Year to Another

Fourth-Year Noelle Law Congratulates Fellow Graduates

This graduating class is inspiring and full of doers.

Fourth-Year Zach Hicks Congratulates Fellow Graduates

I've always felt I had a home with you since the first day in FUN 1.

Congratulations to all who earned a degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering

  • Bachelor of Science

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

    Summer 2020

    Edward James Russell
    Elmo Alexander
    Samantha Burr
    Steve Phan

    Fall 2020

    Adam Galal El Sheikh, Highest Distinction
    Micah Harris
    Shreejan Gupta, High Distinction

    Spring 2021

    Gunther Thomas Abbot
    Sonia Aggarwal, High Distinction
    Edward K. Agyeman, Distinction
    Matthew Todd  Bain
    Leah Bianchi, Distinction
    Brandon Chan, High Distinction
    Jacob Hale Clatterbuck
    Sean Overstreet Davidson
    Mesgana Dinare
    Sihan Ding, High Distinction
    Nathan Duy Do, Highest Distinction
    Forrest Donald Feaser, Highest Distinction
    Jack Griffin Galletta
    Christopher Hassert, Distinction
    Quinlan C. Helfrick, High Distinction
    Nathan Grant Hunter, Highest Distinction
    Sunny Sunnil Hwang   
    Tahmid Kazi, Distinction
    Alexander Joongie Kim, Highest Distinction
    Daniel Michael Knorr  
    Noelle Law, Distinction
    Quinn Patrick Lewis
    Isaac Hao Li, Highest Distinction
    Evan Anders Magnusson, Distinction
    Dipesh  Manandhar, Highest Distinction
    Nripesh Manandhar, Highest Distinction
    Quincy  Cate Mendelson, Highest Distinction
    Noah James Mills
    Jake Austin Moses, High Distinction
    Justin Nguyen-Galante, Highest Distinction
    Phillip Phan, Highest Distinction
    Sairathan Rajuladevi, High Distinction
    Sean Reihani, Distinction
    Amanda Jayne Rein, Highest Distinction
    Liam Robb
    Catherine Julia Rogers, Highest Distinction
    Yaman Shrestha, Highest Distinction
    Nikilesh Subramaniam, Highest Distinction
    Jiahe Tan, High Distinction
    Kwadwo Ntiri Tenkorang, High Distinction
    Andrew Paul Tigges
    Nawar  Toishee Wali
    Zi Meng Yang, Highest Distinction

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

    Summer 2020

    Robert John Fusek

    Fall 2020

    Kristian Chase Johnson, Distinction
    Hieu Minh Le

    Spring 2021

    Manuel Alvarado
    Brooke Rene Bonfadini, Distinction
    Matthew Chase Carson, Distinction
    Mac Cartier, Distinction
    Joseph Minsu Chen, Highest Distinction
    Woohyeong Cho, Highest Distinction
    Arjun Jayant Deopujari, Highest Distinction
    Sophia Marie Fasano, Distinction
    Charles Brock Ferraro
    Laura Elizabeth Gustad, High Distinction
    Zachary Edward Hicks, Highest Distinction
    Andrew Hui
    Mary Grace Judge, Distinction
    William Kodama, Distinction
    Tyler Davis Labiak, Highest Distinction
    Robert Adam McGill, Highest Distinction
    Nicholas Moon, Highest Distinction
    Victoria Nilsson, Highest Distinction
    Alexander Stanley William Ross
    Ethan Anthony Staten
    Chloe Thi Tran, High Distinction
    Seth Alan Vande Braak, Distinction
    Gregory Victor Vavoso, High Distinction

  • Master of Engineering

    Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering

    Summer 2020

    Nurani Saoda
    Robert Earl West III

    Fall 2020

    Chaorui Chang
    Ishika Paul
    Nan Yang
    Shimin Lei
    Siyuan Liu
    Tushar Kanti Routh

    Spring 2021

    Aaron Teklay Kinfe
    Angelica Marie Sunga
    Fangzhou Xu
    Junyang Xu

    Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

    Fall 2020

    Rohit K Dewan
    Louis Dustin Easterday
    Nicholas Riley Kantack
    Yunheng Si
    Mingxin Wei
    Xiafei Yang
    Jiaxin Zhang
    James Zigouris

    Spring 2021

    Yongmin Baek
    Paul Joseph Bonczek
    Anne D Crowell
    William Edwin Friend
    Mandana Jahanbozorgi
    Sifei Ji
    Ze Liu
    Mukundan Ram Mohan
    Ruipeng Wang
    Zenghui Yan

  • Master of Science

    Master of Science in Computer Engineering

    Summer 2020

    Mustafa Kamal Hotaki
    Thesis:  Data-Diverse Redundant Processing for Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition

    Samyukta Venkat
    Thesis:  Is This General Purpose Embedded Operating System Really General Purpose? Extending the Tock Operating System for RISC-V and Intermittent Computing

    Spring 2021

    Marco Antonio De Souza Azevedo
    Thesis:  Implementing Traffic Correlation Attacks on Partially-Simulated Mobile Tor Traffic

    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

    Spring 2021

    James Andrew Hayes
    Thesis: Analysis of RSSI-Based Localization for Room Level Deployment Accuracy

    XuHai Huang
    Thesis: Sidewall Electrodes in Microchannels for Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation and Electrochemical Detection

    Qianhong Zhao
    Thesis: Autonomous Vehicle Tracking and Collision Avoidance Using Adaptive Control Algorithms

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering

    Fall 2020

    Gholamreza Rahimi
    Dissertation: Enabling Low-Overhead and Scalable Near-Data Pattern Matching Acceleration with Memory-Centric Architectures

    Spring 2021

    Georgios Bakirtzis
    Dissertation: Compositional Cyber-Physical Systems Theory

    Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

    Summer 2020

    Pouyan Bassirian Jahromi
    Dissertation: Techniques for Design of Temperature- and Interference-Robust Sub-100 nW Wakeup Receivers at Sub-GHz and Multi-GHz RF

    Wanshi Hong
    Dissertation: Adaptive Learning and Optimal Control Methods for Developing Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Fall 2020

    Md Ridwanul Alam
    Dissertation: Wearable Health Monitoring: Robust Modeling of Physiology and Behavior from Real-World Sparse-Labeled Sensing

    Yukang Feng
    Dissertation: THz Control Circuits

    Gulam Mohammed Haras Jeelani
    Dissertation: Fast, Robust and Accurate Cardiac MRI T1 Mapping with Deep Neural Networks

    George Cross Wilkes
    Dissertation: Laser Annealing of Carrier-Selective Layers in High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Devices

    Spring 2021

    Jacob Scott Breiholz
    Dissertation: Digital Circuits and Systems for Ultra-Low Power Internet of Things Applications

    Robert William Costanzo
    Dissertation: Heterogeneously-Integrated Electronically-Assisted Photonics for RF and mm-Wave Links

    Vahid Farmehini
    Dissertation: Biomedical Circuits and Signal Analysis Systems for Measurement within Microsystems

    Nutta Homdee
    Dissertation: Practical Learning Modeling Techniques with Personalized Actionable Intervention for In-the-field Prediction

    John Hudson Moore II
    Dissertation: Electrophysiology-based Microfluidic Assessment of Cell Phenotypes to Predict and Treat Disease

    Yiwei Peng
    Dissertation: Photodiodes for Applications in Optic Links and Microwave Photonics

    Nasrin Sadeghzadehyazdi
    Dissertation: A Skeleton-Based Study of Gait with Applications in Lidar-Based Gait Recognition and Pathological Gait Identification

    Nazia Tabassum
    Dissertation: Image Analysis for Describing Meningeal Lymphatic Vessel Morphology

    Daniel S Truesdell
    Dissertation: Low-Power Integrated Microcontrollers for Self-Powered Internet-of-Things Applications

Thanks for the Memories

Highlights in our Graduates' Research and Education

Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards Program

Faculty, staff and students gathered over Zoom on May 12, 2021 to honor those who earned departmental awards.

Robotany: Winner of the 2021 Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award for Best Capstone Project

Congratulations to UVA ECE fourth-years Zachary Hicks, Jason Ashley, Noelle Law and Eleanor Ozer, who undertook an amazing project in "robotany" that integrates embedded systems interfacing, house plant physiology, robotics and machine vision, earning the Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award for Best Capstone project.

Charles L. Brown Electrical and Computer Engineering 2021 Awards Program

We recognize student and faculty excellence in electrical and computer engineering demonstrated in the 2020-21 academic year.

Honoring Our Students' Academic Excellence

  • Mohamed Salah Ibrahim

    Mohamed Salah Ibrahim

    Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award

    Recognizes the graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, work ethic and collegiality.

  • Nathan Hunter

    Nathan Hunter

    Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award

    Recognizes the graduating fourth year who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, work ethic and collegiality.

  • Victoria Nilsson and Tyler Labiak

    Victoria Nilsson and Tyler Labiak

    Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Award for Excellence

    Presented to two fourth-year undergraduate students judged by the awards committee to have outstanding credentials including being ranked in the top 20% of their class, interest in communications and computers, and professional interests and activities.

  • Christopher Hamilton and Eleanor Ozer

    Christopher Hamilton and Eleanor Ozer

    James Miller Award

    This award recognizes outstanding third-year students in Electrical and Computer Engineering as judged by the faculty. The award is in honor of Dr. James Shannon Miller, Jr., who served our faculty from 1920 to 1970.

  • Abel Ressom and Mason Notz

    Abel Ressom and Mason Notz

    Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

    Created by Professor Steve Wilson and his wife Lynanne to recognize the outstanding teaching assistants in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. With the unprecedented change in course delivery from in-person to virtual instruction, Ressom and Notz went above and beyond to provide support to faculty, staff and peers.

  • Our 4th Rodeo

    Our 4th Rodeo

    Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award for Best Capstone

    Awarded to teammates Zachary Hicks, Noelle Law, Eleanor Ozer and Jason Ashley.

Recognizing the Academic Excellence of our Faculty