Although we could not be together on Grounds May 16, the UVA Engineering community joined together - virtually and creatively - to honor the students who have met the rigorous requirements to become UVA engineers. Students, faculty, staff, families, friends and alumni are invited to explore this page for special presentations from the school and our eight engineering departments. We also look forward to seeing graduates and their families at the University's official Final Exercises in October 2020 or May 2021.

A message from Nikos Sidiropoulos to graduates of electrical and computer engineering

Message From the Chair

To our graduates of electrical and computer engineering, congratulations!  You are resilient, versatile and creative problem solvers. Your knowledge and ingenuity will help others live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

A message to the computer engineering class of 2020 from Joanne Bechta Dugan

To Our Newest Alumni

A message from Joanne Bechta Dugan, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the computer engineering program: Stay true to your good and honorable self.

  • Bachelor of Science

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

    Fall 2019

    James Garcia-Otero, Highest Distinction
    Justin Vaughn Tria Javier
    Savannah Leigh McLaurin
    Edward Joseph Ryan IV

    Spring 2020

    Joshua Arabit, High Distinction
    Daniel Sameh William Ayoub, Highest Distinction
    Talis Cyan Basham 
    Michael Robert Bliss, High Distinction
    Michael Brian Boddie, Distinction
    Kaelyn Michelle Carroll
    Karanpaul Singh Chawla, Highest Distinction
    Anders Christoffersen 
    John Holden Craddock, Highest Distinction
    William Joseph Define, High Distinction
    Ian Michael Greene, Highest Distinction
    Landon Taraska Greene
    Robyn Elizabeth Guarriello, High Distinction
    Jazlene Rae Fernando Guevarra
    Daniel Walter Hanson, Distinction
    Erik Nathaniel Haukenes, High Distinction
    Wade Stephen Hisiro, Highest Distinction
    Gautama Kakanaboyina
    Ahmed Hamza Kakeh, High Distinction
    Mert Muzaffer Karakas, Distinction
    Omid Khan
    Nayiri Krzysztofowicz, Highest Distinction
    Joseph Laux, Distinction
    Jiaxu   Li, Highest Distinction
    Vivian Wei Lin, Highest Distinction
    Matthew Cortez McDonnell, Distinction
    Maansi Mehta, Distinction
    Malcolm Andrew Miller, Highest Distinction
    Renee Lin Mitchell
    Nicholas Mohammad, Highest Distinction
    Julian Khoa Nguyen, Distinction
    Kiri Alice Nicholson
    Connor Juneha Park, Distinction
    Nathan Yunho Park, High Distinction
    Everett Carl Patterson Jr.
    Keerthi   Radhakrishnan, High Distinction
    Isaac Thomas Roberts, High Distinction
    Bryan Matthew Rombach, Highest Distinction
    Connor Grisier Roos, Highest Distinction
    Nojan Dominick Sheybani, Highest Distinction
    Zachary Thomas Struble, High Distinction
    Pearak Tan
    Christopher Vu-Cuong Truong, High Distinction
    Hua Lai Uehara, High Distinction
    Shirley Wang, Distinction
    Robin Jeanette Watkins
    Sean Christopher Wolfe, High Distinction
    Daniel Wu, High Distinction
    Joshua Yedam You, High Distinction
    William Tiger Zhang, Highest Distinction

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Kevin John Rovira Dela Merced
    William Trace LaCour, High Distinction
    Nathan Joseph Olszewski

    Spring 2020

    Dalton Nicholas Applegate, High Distinction
    Finbar Curtin, High Distinction
    Xiaochuan Ding, Distinction
    Jesse Elinor Dugan, Highest Distinction
    Emily Flynn, Highest Distinction
    Nathaniel Geerdes, High Distinction
    Xiangwen Guo, Distinction
    Alec Handy, Highest Distinction
    Jacob George Holton, Distinction
    Taylor Jayne Kramer, High Distinction
    Joshua Aidan Laney, Highest Distinction
    Hsing Chun Lin, Highest Distinction
    Kelsi Ann Loudenslager
    Thu Minh Tran
    Michael Renan Traynor, Distinction
    Adam Thomas Turflinger, Highest Distinction
    Kathryn Louise Wason, High Distinction

  • Master of Engineering

    Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Ning Ding
    Ming Gong
    Hussain Ayad Humadi
    Hanyu Li
    Hongnan Lin
    Xiaoxi Lin
    Weihan Lyu
    Brenda Be Phetsomphou
    Jiaxi Xu
    Yanchen Xu
    Zhe Zhang

    Spring 2020

    Bowen Chen
    Yusheng Jiang
    Weizhao Jin
    Dawit Alemayohu Kahsay
    Jyoti Kumari
    Jing Li
    Kai Luo
    Zhidan Luo
    Seyed Ahmad Mansouri
    Linfeng Wu
    Mengmeng Ye
    Haochuan Zhang

    Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Riley Kevin Christopher
    Weiyuan Xu
    Yaobin Zhang

    Spring 2020

    Wanyuan He
    Reinaldo Christian Reina


  • Master of Science

    Master of Science in Computer Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Bulbul Ahmed
    Shabnam Wahed

    Spring 2020

    Alexander George Sarris
    Sudhir Kateel Shenoy

    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

    Summer 2019

    Mark Filip Sluzewski

    Fall 2019

    Louis Gerald Lukaczyk

    Spring 2020

    Linyuan Guo

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Ahmed Abdelgelil Ezzeldin Mohamed Aly 
    Dissertation: Experimental Studies in Pursuit of Experiential Robot Learning

    Tommy James Tracy II
    Dissertation: Accelerating Decision Tree Ensemble Inference with an Automata Representation

    Xiaoyu Wang 
    Dissertation: Novel Hybrid Optical-/Electrical-Switched Networks for Energy-Efficient Operation


    Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

    Summer 2019

    Lin Bai 
    Dissertation: Control and Perception of Robotic Movement with Styles

    Matthew Nicholas Julian 
    Dissertation: High-Efficiency Photon Sieves and Applications

    Linli Xie 
    Dissertation: Submillimeter-Wave Schottky Diodes Integrated on Micromachined Silicon Probes

    Fall 2019

    Luisa Patricia Gonzalez Guerrero 
    Dissertation: ACS: Asynchronous Computing with Streams

    Jesse Moody 
    Dissertation: Near-Zero Power Wake-Up Receivers for the Internet of Things

    Alan Timothy Mulroney 
    Dissertation: Anti-Ice and Condensation Properties of Microtextured Superhydrophobic Surfaces

    Ge Song 
    Dissertation: A New Framework of Model Reference Adaptive Control--Partial-State Feedback Designs and Applications

    Kai Xie 
    Dissertation: Laser Sintered Nanograin SiGe Thermoelectric Thin Film Devices

    Yuan Yuan 
    Dissertation: Low-Noise Avalanche Photodiodes

    Jingjie Zhang 
    Dissertation: Nanoscale Thermal Transport: Size Effects and Transport Regimes

    Spring 2020

    Rajendra Bhatt 
    Dissertation: High-Efficiency Solar Thermophotovoltaic Systems Based on Spectrally Selective Emitters

    Harold Anderson Haldren III 
    Dissertation: Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesive Bonds by a Novel Ultrasonic Phase Measurement Method

    Andrew H Jones 
    Dissertation: AlxIn1-xAsySb1-y Digital Alloy Avalanche Photodiodes for Low-Noise Applications

    Syed Ali Asad Rizvi 
    Dissertation: Reinforcement Learning for Model-Free Output Feedback Optimal Control

    Yusheng Wei
    Dissertation: Truncated Predictor Based Feedback Designs for Linear Systems with Input Delay

    Yuxin Xu 
    Dissertation: Cross-Layer Resource Provisioning for Long-Haul Fiber Optic Networks

    Qianhuan Yu 
    Dissertation: Development of Heterogeneously Integrated Photodiodes on Silicon Nitride, Segmented Waveguide Photodiodes, and Zero-Bias Photodiodes

Honoring Our Students' Academic Excellence

  • John H. Moore

    Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award

    Recognizes the graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, work ethic and collegiality.

    Read more about John's research
  • Daniel Ayoub

    Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award

    Recognizes the graduating fourth year who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, work ethic and collegiality

    Learn more about Daniel's journey from student to teacher
  • Vivian Lin and Adam Turflinger

    Vivian Lin and Adam Turflinger

    Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Award for Excellence

    Presented to two fourth-year undergraduate students judged by the awards committee to have outstanding credentials including being ranked in the top 20% of their class, interest in communications and computers, and professional interests and activities.

  • Dugan's Dogs

    Louis T. Rader Chairperson's Award for Best Capstone

    Awarded to teammates Jesse Dugan, Vivian Lin, Nayiri Krzysztofowicz, Malcolm Miller and Nojan Sheybani, whose capstone project surpassed the rest.

    Watch the Team in Action
  • Nick Moon and Adam El Sheikh

    Nick Moon and Adam El Sheikh

    James Miller Award

    This award recognizes outstanding third-year students in Electrical and Computer Engineering as judged by the faculty. The award is in honor of Dr. James Shannon Miller, Jr., who served our faculty from 1920 to 1970.

  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

    Created by Professor Steve Wilson and his wife Lynanne to recognize the outstanding teaching assistants in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department:  undergraduate students Dalton Applegate, Gracie Judge, Maansi Mehta, Keerthi Radhakrishnan and Karim Shoorbajee; and graduate students Rahul Sreekumar and Doeon Lee.


collage of 7 ECE students who won teaching assistant award

Thank you to ECE's Outstanding Teaching Assistants

Messages and More:

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Recognizing the Academic Excellence of our Faculty