Providing a Path to Long-Term Success for Student Entrepreneurs

The Pike Engineering Entrepreneurship Fellows Program is the premier program of its kind at the University of Virginia, providing funding and intensive support during the entire spring semester, guidance, and mentorship for early-stage University of Virginia student entrepreneurial projects that are based on developing or commercializing some form of novel technology. The culminating event allows student teams to compete for the $50,000 Pike Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Pike Fellows Program is available to three to five student entrepreneurial teams per year. The highly selective program develops each team's entrepreneurial potential and leadership skills through hands-on experiences, networking, mentoring, up to an initial $5,000 of funding, and workshops on key topics in entrepreneurship. The teams will have access to top-tier mentors and inductry experts.  The participating teams will also take a course specifically design for them on venturing.

Pike Fellows Presentations at SPARK

SPARK: Faces of Technology Innovation was an event that introduced UVA Engineering's five 2017-2018 Pike Engineering Entrepreneurship Fellows, teams of students who are developing their ideas for the marketplace.