ENGR Faculty

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  • Groves, James F., Ph.D., P.E.

    Associate Professor, Dept. of Engineering & Society (primary appointment), Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering (courtesy appointment)

    James Groves is a leading university educator in the field of sustainable development. In the classroom he engages with students across disciplines and educates them about sustainable energy systems. His overarching goal is to help "people and planet" avoid the worst impacts of humanity's ever...

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  • Maiti, Deepyaman (Deep)

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Engineering

    Deep Maiti instructs our cornerstone first year course Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1624), and Applied Mathematics courses. He also serves as a first year academic advisor, working closely with the Dean’s Office. His current research interests are in the field of...

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  • Reimers, Ann

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Engineering (primary appointment), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (joint appointment), Faculty Fellow, Center for Teaching Excellence

    Dr. Ann Reimers is a General Faculty Assistant Professor with joint appointments in the Department of Engineering & Society and the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. She currently teaches Introduction to Engineering Lab and Dynamics. She has also taught Introduction to...

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