ESE Recourse Committee (ESERC)

ESE Recourse Committee Terms of Reference (21.03.08)

In the course of their work students, staff, and faculty may have disagreements and interpersonal conflicts with each other. Additionally, individuals may experience difficulties of various types in their personal lives and need someone to talk to for advice or consolation. These situations can cause unhappiness, taint the work environment, and limit the productivity of the individuals involved as well as those around them. The goal of the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment’s Recourse Committee (ESERC) is to serve as a resource to students, staff, and faculty in ESE to be a sounding board for interpersonal conflicts and to provide a sympathetic ear and advice to individuals facing personal difficulties. The ESERC is made up of ESE students, staff, and faculty committed to ensuring that no member of the ESE community should have to endure unfavorable working conditions or difficult personal circumstances in silence or without recourse to the help of their peers.

Access to the ESERC is voluntary for ESE students, staff, and faculty. All consultations will be strictly confidential. Where there is conflict between multiple individuals, the ESERC will mediate between them as voluntary participants, working towards a resolution of the conflict. Where one or more of the parties in the conflict are not willing to participate in the mediation process, individuals may be directed to the SEAS Reconciliation Committee or to other resources, such as the UVA Office of the Ombudsman or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights to seek resolution of their situation.