Engineering Systems and Environment Staff

  • Michelle D. Busby

    Michelle D. Busby

    Unit Administrator

    Office: Olsson 118C
    Phone: 434-243-2376

  • Dorothy Gardner

    Dorothy Gardner

    Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator

    Office: Olsson 114A
    Phone: 434-924-5393


  • Keegan Gumbs

    Infrastructure Lab Manager

    Office: Thornton B229C
    Phone: 434-924-6379

  • Elizabeth Harrison

    Elizabeth Harrison

    Program Manager for the Accelerated Masters Program

    Office: Olsson Hall 113E
    Phone: 434-924-5394


  • Ignac Jakovac

    Ignac Jakovac

    IT Manager

    Office: Olsson 102G
    Phone: 434-924-0779


  • Brandy Marsh

    Administrative Assistant

    Office: Olsson 114
    Phone: 434-924-5393


  • Rosemary Shaw

    Information and Data Manager

    Office: Olsson 112
    Phone: 434-924-0960


  • Joan Marie Sipe

    Joan Marie Sipe

    HR Administrator

    Office: Olsson 114B
    Phone: 434-243-5172


  • Thomas Polmateer

    Thomas Polmateer

    Logistics Research Systems Analyst

    Office: Olsson 111D
    Phone: 434-243-7745

  • Tony Singh

    Environmental Lab Manager

    Office: Thornton D103
    Phone: 434-924-2526

  • David Thomas

    David Thomas

    IT Specialist

    Office: Thornton B229E
    Phone: 434-982-2695