The Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium (SIEDS) is a student-focused international forum for applied research, development, and design in Systems and Information Engineering.

SIEDS 2021

A virtual event to be held on April 29-30, 2021

Attend the conference and view the program here.

The Symposium is the leading showcase for undergraduate and Master's graduate design projects, such as those from capstone design courses or from baccalaureate, honors, or design-oriented graduate theses. Projects must extend beyond the analysis of systems and include the synthesis of alternative solutions to a problem. When appropriate, implementation and testing of a design is encouraged. Faculty, industry, and government project advisors are welcome coauthors.

Paper presentations for the virtual conference will be a pre-recorded five-minute presentation followed by a ten-minute moderated discussion and Q&A between authors and attendees.

Proceedings from SIEDS for prior years can be found on IEEEXplore.


  • Methodologies and Application Areas

    Contributed papers are solicited that apply diverse methodologies, including:

    Data Modeling: including Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Mining Simulation and Stochastic Modeling
    Decision Analysis and Optimization Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering
    Systems Integration & Design Risk Analysis, Technology Management, and Policy


    Papers can describe work in a wide variety of application areas, including:

    Telecommunications and Information Technology Military Applications
    Healthcare Economic and Financial Systems
    Energy Environmental
    Robotics and Sensor Networks E-Business
    Transportation and Logistics Manufacturing
    Critical Infrastructure Education


    Papers should emphasize the application of fundamental systems analysis and design concepts. Symposium papers presented will be submitted for archival in IEEE Xplore. Only those papers that are presented will be published. Submitted papers that are not presented will not be published.

  • Key Dates

    2/26/2021 – Abstracts due

    3/19/2021 – Abstract reviews and decisions released to authors

    4/12/2021 – Final papers due

    4/21/21 - Presentation Submission

    4/29/2021 - 4/30/2021 – Conference 

  • Abstract and Workshop Submissions

    All abstract, workshop, and paper submissions will be handled using EDAS. 


    Submit an  Abstract Here 

    Step-by-step guide for submitting an abstract

    The abstract should address the following four topics. 

    Motivation - Why

    Provide context for the work and reasons it is important. 

    Focus of this Work - What

    Write a short statement of the specific focus of the work presented.   

    Methodology - How

    Describe the methodology used to approach the problem of interest. If the focus of your work is on designing a system, this section frequently focuses on your design (“how” the focus of the work is addressed). 


    Identify results.  If results are forthcoming, state what you expect to have as results by the time the final paper is due.  If the focus of your work is on designing a system, then Results frequently focuses on validation/testing results.   

    Additional pointers
    • You will submit your abstract in a textbox; do don’t focus on the formatting and know you cannot include figures, pictures, tables, or equatons. 

    • The headers for each of the four sections are not needed – that is just to help you structure your abstract. 

    • Your abstract should be 100-500 words.


    Submit A Workshop Proposal Here

    Workshops are hour-long, interactive sessions where attendees work together to learn tangible new concepts and skills.  More information about workshops is included in the Workshop Call for Proposals. Workshop proposals will be due on the same day as abstract proposals.

  • Fees

    Author attendees: The registration fee is $50 per author.  All authors from a paper must register for the paper to be presented at SIEDS. 
    Non-author attendees: We welcome all to come and engage the authors during technical sessions and participate in workshops.  There is no fee to just attend the symposium. 

  • 2021 SIEDS Symposium Committees

    SIEDS 2021 Committee

    Chair: Bethany Brinkman, Sweet Briar College

    Program Chair: Joost Santos: George Washington University

    Publications Chair: Jason Forsyth, James Madison University

    Judges Chair: Reid Bailey, University of Virginia


    Steering Committee

    Chair: Reid Bailey, University of Virginia

    Finance Chair: Bill Scherer, University of Virginia

    Partnerships Chair: Mike Porter, University of Virginia

    Local Accommodations Chair: Greg Gerling, University of Virginia

  • Conference Schedule

    Papers are gathered into 1 hour long sessions, each with four papers (15 minutes each paper). Authors will pre-record a five-minute presentation that the moderator will play. This presentation will then be followed by a ten-minute moderated discussion and Q&A between authors and attendees for each paper.

    Thursday afternoon: 

    1:00-1:10    Welcome and Announcements

    1:15-2:15    Tech Session 1

    2:30-3:30    Workshop Slot 1

    3:45-4:45    Tech Session 2

    4:45-4:50    First Day Closing Remarks

    7:15-8:30    Tech Session 3

    Friday morning: 

    8:20-8:25    Welcome and Announcements

    8:30-9:30    Tech Session 4

    9:45-10:45    Tech Session 5

    11:00-12:00    Workshop Slot 2 

    12:00-12:30     Closing Remarks and Best Paper Awards


  • Paper and Presentation Formatting and Submission

    Link to submit papers:  Sign into EDAS and register for the conference.  You will then see an icon to upload your final manuscript.  Only one upload per author team is required. Papers should be uploaded by April 12th. The maximum number of pages is six.

    Paper Template:

    Link to submit presentations:  Sign into EDAS, register for the conference, and upload your final paper.  You will then see an icon to upload your final presentation.  Presentations should be uploaded by April 21st. Useful presentation preparation information:

    • Your video should consist of a recorded oral presentation by the authors (ideally one or two), consistent with community standards for conference oral presentations.
    • Recommended: full-screen screencast of the slides, with a picture-in-picture video of the presenter.
    • Acceptable Alternatives: full screen of slides with audio of speaker or slides and speaker video side-by-side.
    • Allowed formats include Windows Media Video (WMV and ASF), MP4 video, and QuickTime movie.
    • Total video duration: 5 minutes
    • Use a high quality microphone for the recording. Most headset microphones work well. Avoid using the microphone that is integrated in your computer.
    • The video resolution should be at least 720p (1280x720). We prefer 1080p (1920x1080) and 60 fps.
    • Set the title for your video as follows:  [LastNameOfFirstAuthor et al] [ShortenedPaperTitle] SIEDS 2021


    For example:  Smith et al Integration of User Interfaces SIEDS 2021