Engineering Systems and Environment Graduate Students

Civil Engineering Graduate Students

  • Heze Chen

    Heze Chen

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Advisor: Dr. Jose Gomez, Dr. Marek-Jerzy Pindera

    Research Topic: Finite volume method in structure engineering

  • Griffin Coffey

    Griffin Coffey

    M.S. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

    Advisor: Osman Ozbulut

    Research Topic: Asphalt Materials Testing

  • Ana Estrella-You

    Ana Estrella-You

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Quito, Ecuador

    Advisor: James A. Smith

    Research Topic: Synergistic effect of free chlorine and silver ions on bacteria inactivation for point-of-use water treatment applications

  • Wade Fritzeen

    Wade Fritzeen

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Vienna, VA

    Adivsor: Dr. Lisa Colosi-Peterson and Dr. Andres Clarens

    Research Topic: Industrial and Heavy Transport Decarbonization

    Personal Website

  • Bethany Gordon

    Bethany Gordon

    Ph.D. Candidate in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

    Advisor: Leidy Klotz

    Research Topic: Applied behavioral science for climate justice and large-scale infrastructure adaptation

    Personal Website

  • Logan Grant

    Logan Grant

    M.S. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Winterville, North Carolina

    Advisor: Majid Shafiee-Jood

    Research Topic: Building Flood Adaptation Capacity in Underserved Communities

  • Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

    Advisor: Professor Jim Smith

    Research Topic: Developing novel drinking water treatment technologies

    Personal Website

  • Prakrut Kansara

    Prakrut Kansara

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

    Advisor: Dr. Venkataraman Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Earth observations

    Personal Website 

  • Hyunglok Kim

    Hyunglok Kim

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Seoul, Korea

    Advisor: Dr. Venkat Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Global terrestrial water cycle and hydrology, data acquisition from space, natural disasters, and Bayesian inference

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  • Jiayi Li

    Jiayi Li

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Jinan, China

    Advisor: Teresa Culver

    Research Topic: Nitrogen transformations in storm water management

  • Suzanne Moore Nguyen

    Suzanne Moore Nguyen

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

    Advisor: Dr. Andres Clarens

    Research Topic: Non-ferrous metal mining decarbonization and calcium-carbonate-silicate-hydrate formation mechanism

  • Gigi Pavur

    Gigi Pavur

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Advisor: Dr. Venkat Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Hydrological remote sensing for natural disasters

    Personal Website

  • Afrida Raida

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Advisor: Dr. T. Donna Chen

    Research Topic: Transportation systems

  • Yiqing Xu

    Yiqing Xu

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Advisor: Prof. John Miller, Prof. Donna Chen

    Research Topic: Shared Mobility Infrastructure

  • Faria Zahura

    Faria Zahura

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Advisor: Jonathan L. Goodall

    Research Topic: Urban-coastal flood prediction and impact assessment

Systems Engineering Graduate Students

  • Harsh Anand

    Harsh Anand

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: New Delhi, India

    Advisor: Negin Alemazkoor

    Research Topic: Data Science and Operations Research

    Personal Website

  • Aram Bahrini

    Aram Bahrini

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Born in Germany, Iranian Nationality, Resident of Canada

    Advisor: Professor Robert Riggs

    Research Topic: Essays on Game Theory Approaches in Environmental and Engineering Systems

    Personal Website 

  • J. Michael Bertsch

    J. Michael Bertsch

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

    Advisor: Greg Gerling

    Research Topic: Haptics, affective touch

  • Logan Clark

    Logan Clark

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Tampa, Florida

    Advisor: Dr. Sara Riggs

    Research Topic: Quantifying movement behaviors in virtual reality

    Personal Website

  • Nicholas Coronato

    Nicholas Coronato

    M.S. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Albany, NY

    Advisor: Dr. Donald Brown

    Research Topic: Statistical analysis and machine learning towards improvement of cardiovascular exercise testing data

  • Nicholas Gardella

    Nicholas Gardella

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Fluvanna, VA

    Advisor: Dr. Sara Riggs

    Research Topic: Multimodal displays

    Personal Website

  • Xiang Guo

    Xiang Guo

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Jinhua, China

    Advisor: Arsalan Heydarian

    Research Topic: Virtual Reality, Human Factors, Bicyclist safety

    Personal Website

  • Lauren Horde

    Lauren Horde

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Orlando, FL

    Advisor: Dr. Sara Riggs

    Research Topic: EEG, tactile

  • Ciara Horne

    Ciara Horne

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Pasadena, MD

    Advisor: Jonathan Goodall

    Research Topic: Identifying Marginalized Populations Near Deficient High-Hazard Dams

  • Sihang Jiang

    Sihang Jiang

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Shijiazhuang, China

    Advisor: Michael D. Porter

    Research Topic: Machine learning and optimization in data science

    Personal Website 

  • Joseph Keogh

    M.E. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Stafford, VA

    Advisor: Robert Riggs

  • Zack Landsman

    Zack Landsman

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Bel Air, MD

    Advisor: Greg Gerling

    Research Topic: Creating Instrumentation to Mimic Naturalistic Touch

  • Bingxu Li

    Bingxu Li

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Chongqing, China

    Advisor: Greg Gerling

    Research Topic: Haptics science

  • Valerie Michel

    Valerie Michel

    Ph.D. Candidate in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

    Advisor: Garrick Louis

    Research Topic: Evaluation of Public Policy Decision-Making to Address the Risk of Coastal Climate Change and the Equity Impact of Alternative Solutions

    Personal Website

  • Eleanore Scheer

    Eleanore Scheer

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 

    Advisor: Dr. Rupa Valdez

    Research Topic: Engineering Systems for Pediatric Complex Care 

    Personal Website

  • Maria Villa Tamayo

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

    Advisor: Dr. Marc Breton

    Research Topic: Technologies for diabetes treatment

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    Elizabeth Thompson

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Needham, Massachusetts

    Advisor: Dr. Laura Barnes

    Research Topic: Mobile Sensing and Smart Health

  • Chang Xu

    Chang Xu

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Wuxi, China

    Advisor: Gregory Gerling

    Research Topic: Haptics

    Personal Website 

  • Aya Yehia

    Aya Yehia

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Dubai, UAE/Portage, MI

    Advisor: Devin Harris

    Research Topic: Using digital twins to monitor and maintain wind turbines

  • Luwei Zeng

    Luwei Zeng

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Guangdong, China

    Advisor: T.Donna Chen

    Research Topic: Transportation system and vulnerability

Virginia Engineering Online Graduate Students

  • Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy

    M.E. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: St Joseph, Michigan

    Advisor: Robert Riggs

  • Civil Engineering M.E. Students

    Khaled Alsumait
    Avery Bergdorf
    Rebekah Broyles
    Siyi Chen
    Andrew Garnjost
    Victoria Jackson
    Mohammad tahir Kaloo
    Reo Kunori
    Glen Mitchell
    Robert Patrick
    David Michael-Levi Robb
    Steven Russell
    Ning Wang
    Rayshaun Wheeler

  • Civil Engineering M.S. Students

    Curtis Davis
    Ruochen Dong
    Joseph Sansalone

  • Civil Engineering Ph.D. Students

    Tahmina Ahmed
    Mohammed Alsieedi
    Amedebrhan Asfaw
    Michaela Barnett
    Jessica Besnier
    Tomeka Carroll
    Alexander Chen
    Malik Corum
    Chelsea Dandridge
    Tawfeeq Gdeh
    Benjamin Goffin
    Patrick Hancock
    Robert Herbst
    Md Imran
    Zhangfan Jiang
    Kamiar Khayambashi
    Ugur Kilic
    Kyung Kim
    Daniel Lassiter
    Manh Le
    Natalie Lerma
    Linda Lim
    Shiyi Liu
    Erica Loudermilk
    Iman Maghami
    Abdou Ndong
    Jacob Nelson
    Erin Robartes
    Maria Rossetti
    Binata Roy
    Linnea Saby
    David Ricardo Gutiérrez Serrano
    Bryan Smith
    Shravan Sreekumar
    Katelyn Stenger
    Mehdi Taghizadeh
    Arash Tavakoli
    Allen Townsend
    Sydney Turner
    Yidi Wang
    Xiushang Wu
    Yiqing Xu
    Shizhen Yin
    Wuhuan Zhang
    Runze Zhang
    Zahra Zhiyanpour

  • Systems Engineering M.E. Students

    Fahime Asghartabarledari
    Adeeb Atariwa
    Soumya Chappidi
    Andrew Gaskins
    S M Nusayer Hassan
    Casey Hines
    Andres Izquierdo
    Wenxuan Jiang
    Yuxuan Li
    Peter Morris
    Chen Qian
    Fathima Rifaa Pakkir Mohamed Sait
    Elvie Sellers
    Rachael Stryker
    Jie Tang
    Christopher VanYe
    Jiahao Wang
    Charles Warburton
    Zhuo Yu
    Xiaodong Zheng
    Yatong Zhou

  • Systems Engineering M.S. Students

    Nolan Alexander
    Jeffrey Basoah
    Kevin Byrne
    Hayden Deverill
    Ángel Francisco Vela de la Garza Evia
    Chloé Fauvel
    Aaron Moore
    Kristin Morrow
    Rebecca Rebar

  • Systems Engineering Ph.D. Students

    Sodiq Adewole
    Abdul Alami
    Abdalsalam Almzayyen
    Mawulolo Ameko
    Jad Atweh
    Sonia Baee
    Anna Baglione
    Zachary Blanks
    Lauren Bramblett
    Jennifer Campbell
    William Clark
    Collyn Clark
    John Corbett
    Debajyoti Datta
    Guimin Dong
    Timothy Lee Eddy, Jr. 
    Sadegh Eghdami
    Mohammadreza Ganjiarjenaki
    Jingyi Gao
    Robert Gutierrez
    Mojtaba Heidarysafa
    Ronnie Eldores Hill, Jr. 
    Mohamad Iskandarani
    Md Mofijul Islam
    James Anthony Jablonski, Jr. 
    Yichen Jiang
    Sihang Jiang
    DeAndre Johnson
    Navreet Kaur
    Hossein Kavianihamedani
    Shashwat Kumar
    Alexander Langevin
    Beatrice Li
    Kevin Lin
    Yingzheng Liu
    Jiebei Liu
    Davis Loose
    Boyang Lu
    Payden McBee
    Kiana Meimandi
    Negin Moghadasi
    Hunter Moore
    Nazanin Moradinasab
    Moeen Mostafavi
    Zeyu Mu
    Thomas Muhlbauer
    Tahsin Mullick
    Neda Nazemi
    Catherine Owsik
    Erfan Pakdamanian
    Rahul Peddi
    Maria Phillips
    Jade Preston
    Wanyue Qi
    Merat Rezaei
    Courtney Rogers
    Mark Rucker
    Saurav Sengupta
    Shili Sheng
    Samarth Singh
    Minghui Sun
    Mingyue Tang
    Jiahao Tian
    Mahsa Varnosfaderani
    Cheng Wang
    Zhiyuan Wang
    Shan Xu
    Runze Yan
    Luwei Zeng
    Cheng Zhu

  • Virginia Engineering Online (Civil Engineering) Students

    Alina Afzal
    Maha Al Thani
    John Kevin Arms, Jr. 
    Renee Awad
    Andrew Baldwin
    Alexander Bellido, Sr. 
    Kenneth Bolling
    Erin Boyd
    Christer Carshult
    Brandon Carter
    Samantha Collins
    Garrett Craig
    Jordan Crow
    James Denton
    Richard Dobson
    Dany El Dada 
    Aohan Guo
    Jennifer Hardin
    Ryan Henry
    Jennifer Hudson
    Theophilus Kargbo
    Amal Kerolos
    Philip King
    Andrew Kong
    Joseph Krallinger
    Melissa Lesner
    Jessica Marquis
    Donald Martin
    Vincent Mayberry
    Robert Miller
    Masih Mujadidi
    Jocelyn Muri
    Joseph Neubauer
    Nathan Overby
    Jennifer Robertson
    Arturo Ruiz
    Emily Saitta
    Elizabeth Silenzi
    David Smethurst
    Brendan Vachris
    Julianna Villa
    Caleb Wade
    Larry Wade

  • Virginia Engineering Online (Systems Engineering) Students

    Naa-Oboshie Alexander-Reindorf
    Katie Atalla
    Andrew Balmaceda
    Michael Bechara
    David Buffaloe
    Taylor Burrows
    John Capper
    Dustin Crayton
    Henry Dauphinee
    Matthew Dodge
    Dillon Finkenbinder
    Nicholas Gauthier
    Robert Grissom
    Celine Harris
    Joshua Hoover
    Kathryn Johns
    Troy Johnson
    Ryan Krechel
    Jonathan Krezel
    Kirsten Logan
    Eric Name
    Peter Solomon
    Marquis Stowers
    Eric Svitek
    Lindsay Truong
    Zachary Valenti

  • Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering Students

    Idalmy Escobar
    Samuel Gomez
    Patrick Hartley
    William Jackson, Jr. 
    Wilhelm Kamptner
    Ryan Kwon
    Caroline Mastrangelo
    Dennis Monahan
    Rosalynn Phan
    Weston Pruitt
    Sonya Shaver
    Harlan Smouse
    Samuel Thomas
    Andrew Toth
    Mark Vakarchuk