ESE Centers

Accelerated Masters Program in Systems Engineering

The Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering (AMP) is designed to enable working professionals to become systems thinkers and problem solvers through a unique blend of formal education integrated with personal work experience. AMP students attain a solid foundation in systems methodology and apply proven analytical tools and new technologies to “messy” problems in the face of uncertainty, risk, and environmental turbulence. Through their coursework and collaboration with classmates from diverse industries, participants find that they look at problems “with new eyes,” and they finish the Program well-equipped to support effective decision-making involving any large-scale complex system.

Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems

The UVA Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems (The Center), internationally recognized for its research on risk, resilience, and reliability, brings together UVA's technical expertise in collaborations across the University. The Center develops theory, methodology, and technology to identify and manage risk for engineering systems. Industry and government sponsors of research at the Center work closely with faculty and students contributing their unique strengths and interests.

Center for Transportation Studies

The Center for Transportation Studies is the focal point for education, research, and service in transportation engineering at the University of Virginia. Our mission is to improve transportation through innovative applied research, education and development of future transportation leaders, and practical, relevant, career-building training for transportation professionals.