Engineering Systems and Environment Graduate Students

Civil Engineering Graduate Students

  • Heze Chen

    Heze Chen

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Advisor: Dr. Jose Gomez, Dr. Marek-Jerzy Pindera

    Research Topic: Finite volume method in structure engineering

  • Griffin Coffey

    Griffin Coffey

    M.S. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

    Advisor: Osman Ozbulut

    Research Topic: Asphalt Materials Testing

  • Ana Estrella-You

    Ana Estrella-You

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Quito, Ecuador

    Advisor: James A. Smith

    Research Topic: Synergistic effect of free chlorine and silver ions on bacteria inactivation for point-of-use water treatment applications

  • Wade Fritzeen

    Wade Fritzeen

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Vienna, VA

    Adivsor: Dr. Lisa Colosi-Peterson and Dr. Andres Clarens

    Research Topic: Industrial and Heavy Transport Decarbonization

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  • Bethany Gordon

    Bethany Gordon

    Ph.D. Candidate in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

    Advisor: Leidy Klotz

    Research Topic: Applied behavioral science for climate justice and large-scale infrastructure adaptation

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  • Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

    Advisor: Professor Jim Smith

    Research Topic: Developing novel drinking water treatment technologies

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  • Prakrut Kansara

    Prakrut Kansara

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

    Advisor: Dr. Venkataraman Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Earth observations

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  • Hyunglok Kim

    Hyunglok Kim

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Seoul, Korea

    Advisor: Dr. Venkat Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Global terrestrial water cycle and hydrology, data acquisition from space, natural disasters, and Bayesian inference

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  • Jiayi Li

    Jiayi Li

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Jinan, China

    Advisor: Teresa Culver

    Research Topic: Nitrogen transformations in storm water management

  • Gigi Pavur

    Gigi Pavur

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Advisor: Dr. Venkat Lakshmi

    Research Topic: Hydrological remote sensing for natural disasters

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  • Afrida Raida

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Advisor: Dr. T. Donna Chen

    Research Topic: Transportation systems

  • Yiqing Xu

    Yiqing Xu

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

    Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Advisor: Prof. John Miller, Prof. Donna Chen

    Research Topic: Shared Mobility Infrastructure

Systems Engineering Graduate Students

  • Harsh Anand

    Harsh Anand

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: New Delhi, India

    Advisor: Negin Alemazkoor

    Research Topic: Data Science and Operations Research

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  • Aram Bahrini

    Aram Bahrini

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Born in Germany, Iranian Nationality, Resident of Canada

    Advisor: Professor Robert Riggs

    Research Topic: Essays on Game Theory Approaches in Environmental and Engineering Systems

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  • Nicholas Coronato

    Nicholas Coronato

    M.S. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Albany, NY

    Advisor: Dr. Donald Brown

    Research Topic: Statistical analysis and machine learning towards improvement of cardiovascular exercise testing data

  • Nicholas Gardella

    Nicholas Gardella

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Fluvanna, VA

    Advisor: Dr. Sara Riggs

    Research Topic: Multimodal displays

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  • Ciara Horne

    Ciara Horne

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Pasadena, MD

    Advisor: Jonathan Goodall

    Research Topic: Identifying Marginalized Populations Near Deficient High-Hazard Dams

  • Joseph Keogh

    M.E. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Stafford, VA

    Advisor: Robert Riggs

  • Zack Landsman

    Zack Landsman

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Bel Air, MD

    Advisor: Greg Gerling

    Research Topic: Creating Instrumentation to Mimic Naturalistic Touch

  • Bingxu Li

    Bingxu Li

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Chongqing, China

    Advisor: Greg Gerling

    Research Topic: Haptics science

  • Valerie Michel

    Valerie Michel

    Ph.D. Candidate in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

    Advisor: Garrick Louis

    Research Topic: Evaluation of Public Policy Decision-Making to Address the Risk of Coastal Climate Change and the Equity Impact of Alternative Solutions

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  • Eleanore Scheer

    Eleanore Scheer

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 

    Advisor: Dr. Rupa Valdez

    Research Topic: Engineering Systems for Pediatric Complex Care 

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  • Maria Villa Tamayo

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

    Advisor: Dr. Marc Breton

    Research Topic: Technologies for diabetes treatment

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    Elizabeth Thompson

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Needham, Massachusetts

    Advisor: Dr. Laura Barnes

    Research Topic: Mobile Sensing and Smart Health

  • Aya Yehia

    Aya Yehia

    Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: Dubai, UAE/Portage, MI

    Advisor: Devin Harris

    Research Topic: Using digital twins to monitor and maintain wind turbines

Virginia Engineering Online Graduate Students

  • Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy

    M.E. in Systems Engineering

    Hometown: St Joseph, Michigan

    Advisor: Robert Riggs