Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (SEIAB)

The goals of the Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (SEIAB) are to advise our BS & ME programs in order: to increase student knowledge of the practice of systems engineering in disparate industries, to more closely link academic courses and curricula to real-world needs via case studies, classroom examples, and other synergistic activities, and to increase the opportunities for systems students regarding internships, externships, and employment in government and in industry.


    Sean Gallahan (class of 2013), Product Manager

    Work Description: I collaborate with a team of designers, engineers and sales to create and market features that better protect and connect millions of users to their homes through their mobile device. To be successful in creating those products, I have to keep up with the highly competitive smart home and security space and have a technical understanding of the mobile interface.


    Kristi Kim (Class of 2019), Quality Engineer 

    Work Description: A quality engineer is often described as the last line of defense before the product reaches customers. It’s important for a quality engineer to think in the perspective of the customer and ensure the quality of the product. As a quality engineer, I have to understand the product and relevant data, create test cases based on the understanding, and execute those test cases in a way that’s both efficient and accurate. The job requires a combination of problem-solving skills, technical understanding, and creativity!


    Joel Loeshelle (Class of 2012), Manager, Software Engineering

    Work Description: I lead the iOS team at, responsible for our iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV apps. I directly manage a team of 12 iOS Engineers, but also work closely with other iOS engineers, Product Managers, UX Designers, and Quality Engineers at Most of my day to day responsibilities fall on the management side – reviewing code designs with other engineers and specifications with product managers. I also spend around 20% of my time coding.


    Michael Balazs (Physics ’06), Chief Futurist

    Work Description: Autonomy for Joint and Services