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UVA ESE Research

Discovering solutions to society’s most important challenges is at the heart of our department’s research programs. We have created a collaborative and multidimensional community that combines our strengths in cyber-physical and systems approaches with deep domain knowledge in such areas as transportation, the environment, human health, defense and public safety. We’re growing, too, having hired 12 talented faculty members this year and increased graduate program enrollment by 50 percent over the past five years. Together, we aim to transcend the development of new technological approaches — no matter how innovative — to understand how people might use engineering systems and the opportunities they present for societal impact.


Smart Cities

Enabling communities to improve built infrastructure and resources through cyber technologies.


Environmental Engineering

Creating solutions that enhance quality of life for people while protecting, improving or restoring the natural environment.


Cyber-Human Systems

Improving humans’ ability to work effectively in complex technical systems.

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