Engineering Systems and Environment Research

Research Areas of Interest

Discovering solutions to society’s most important challenges is at the heart of our department’s research programs. We have created a collaborative and multidimensional community that combines our strengths in cyber-physical and systems approaches with deep domain knowledge in such areas as transportation, the environment, human health, defense, and public safety. We aim to transcend the development of new technological approaches — no matter how innovative — to understand how people might use engineering systems and the opportunities they present for societal impact.

Our main research areas include: 

Research Labs 

Our department offers thoughtfully designed experimental laboratories and research centers that produce ideal conditions for knowledge to thrive. Our Research Labs and Centers are meticulously kept up-to-date, with upgraded instrumentation for structures and material testing and environmental analysis.

Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems 

The UVA CENTER FOR RISK MANAGEMENT OF ENGINEERING SYSTEMS (The Center), recognized worldwide for its contributions to risk, resilience, and reliability, brings together UVA's technical expertise in collaborations across the University. The Center develops theory, methodology, and technology to identify and manage risk for engineering systems. Industry and government sponsors of research at the Center work closely with faculty and students contributing their unique strengths and interests.

Center for Transportation Studies

The CENTER FOR TRANSPORTATION STUDIES (CTS) is the focal point for education, training and service in transportation engineering at the University of Virginia. Their mission is to improve transportation through innovative education and development of future transportation leaders, and to provide practical, relevant, career-building training for transportation professionals. Their integration within the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, home to programs in civil, environmental and systems engineering, also provides a direct connection to world-class researchers and educators.