SE Electives

The plan of study for the Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering includes five distinct categories of elective course work--science electives, general education electives, humanities electives, technical electives, and application electives.

Elective Categories

A thoughtful selection of courses will allow you to tailor your plan of study to meet your individual educational interests and professional objectives. This document describes the elective categories and the requirements that must be satisfied by your choice of courses within each category. Also included are brief descriptions of the various approved application sequences and course selections representative of these sequences. If you are uncertain about what would be a good choice of electives for you, faculty advisors can give you more help with your selections.

Science Electives

At least 6 credit hours of elective courses are required from the physical sciences. Suitable courses for Science Elective I are AMPA 2501, BIOL2100, BIOL2200, CHEM1620, MSE2090 and PHYS2620. Suitable courses for Science Elective II are 2000, 3000, and 4000 level science or mathematics courses approved for science majors. If appropriate, science electives can be selected which enhance certain application sequences (such as Environmental and Water-Resource Systems). A complete list of appropriate Science Elective II courses is available here.

HSS (Humanities and Social Science)

At least 9 hours of HSS electives are required. Suitable courses are listed in the Undergraduate Student Handbook or can be found in A122 Thornton Hall.

STS Elective

A 3-hour elective from Science, Technology, and Society is required. Suitable courses are STS 2xxx or 3xxx level courses.

Technical Electives

Two 3-hour technical electives are required. Technical electives are defined as stated below. For any other courses to count as a technical elective, a student needs to petition the Systems Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee. 

Most courses taught within the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at the 2xxx-level or higher count as technical electives.  Any SEAS course that can count as a Science I or II elective CANNOT be used as a technical elective. 

More specifically:

  •         All BME, CE, CHE, MAE, and SYS courses count as technical electives.
  •         All ECE, MSE, and CS courses count as technical electives EXCEPT ECE 2066, MSE 2010, MSE 2090, CS 2102, and CS 3102.
  •         ENGR 4010, ENGR 4020, and SYS/STS 2620 are the only ENGR and STS courses that count as technical electives.
  •         NASC 3100 and 3200 count as technical electives.
  •         No APMA courses count as technical electives. 
  •         For any other courses to count as a technical elective, a student needs to petition the Systems Engineering Studies Committee.

Application Electives

At leaset 9 hours must qualify as application electives, taken from within a related area of concentration. Further information about concentrations can be found under SE Application Sequences.

Courses Statisfying More Than One Elective Category

Note that a single elective course may well qualify in more that one of the elective categories. For example, ECON courses are generally acceptable as general education electives and as part of application sequence in Economic Systems. While you cannot count a single course as fulfilling more that one elective requirement simultaneously, you can use this circumstance to develop concentration in certain applications areas.