An MSE department resource guide

How do I?


...mail or ship a package?

MSE uses both FedEx and UPS for shipping. Forms can be found in the mailroom located in WDF 109H. Please write your PTAO number on the your internal billing reference line of the FedEx airbill and the reference number line of the UPS airbill.

If you are charging to a research grant PTAO, you must attach a departmental audit form for express shipping of samples/repair (research grants). Sherri maintains shipping supplies (airbill labels, envelopes, justification forms, etc.) and also pays express shipping bills, so it’s important to turn in both the airbill and audit form with your PTAO number to ensure proper billing.

United States Postal Service mailing address: 
PO Box 400745 
VA 22904-4745

FedEx and UPS shipping address: 
395 McCormick Road
VA 22904-4745

...reserve a room or a projector?

Some of the following rooms and resources may be reserved directly by students or faculty through departmental Google calendars. To reserve one of the conference rooms yourself, simply add the calendar to your Google calendars. Classrooms should be booked by filling out the appropriate web form. The Dean's Conference Room (WDF 200) may only be reserved through Bryana Amador ( by email (Tonya Reynolds backup).

Room/Resource Reservation by
WDF 109A conf room Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
WDF 101 classroom Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
WDF 103 lab Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
MSE 171 classroom (formerly MSE 125)  Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
MSE 322 CESE conf room Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
MSB 141 NMCF conf room Bryana Amador (Tonya Reynolds backup)
Loaner Laptop (two available)
USB HD camera/mic
Portable Projector

Laptop - Ig Jakovac; Camera - Tonya Reynolds

Self-reserve projector - located in closet near Peggy's office

WDF 200 dean's conf room Bryana Amador (Tonya Renolds backup)


...reserve a parking space?

UVA is now using an online system to manage visitor parking. UVA faculty, staff, and students still need to contact Parking and Transportation for long-term passes. The MSE department will activate complimentary parking for approved visitors. We will need the name of the visitor, license plate number and state, e-mail address, and the day and time of parking. Parking in Advance is not currently an option. Other visitors are responsible for activating their own parking sessions as they park and are responsible for payment. Visitors must go to ParkMobile at to begin their parking sessions. To request parking activation for a visitor, or for questions, directions on using ParkMobile, maps to parking spaces, and more information please contact Bryana Amador.


...reserve a microscope or get NMCF equipment training

NMCF Scopes and Resources Administered by Training
Titan Richard 4 sessions
Quanta 200 Richard 1 sessions
Quanta 650 Richard 4 sessions
2000FX Richard 4 sessions
Hirox Digital Scope Richard 1 sessions
Gatan 691 Ion Mill Richard  
Xradia XCT   3 sessions
Bruker Kappa Duo    
XPert   3 sessions
SAXS   3 sessions
Raman AFM Joe/Richard 2 sessions
Zygo NV7300 Richard 1 session
Hitachi IM4000 Richard  


...print a poster?

The MSE department maintains a wide format printer (54" max). Ideally, students will provide both PDF and PowerPoint versions to their designated print contact. You need your advisor's overhead (not research)
PTAO to charge the cost (approximately $40-50). 

Waiting until the last minute is highly discouraged. Please allow for a 24 hour turnaround.

Department or Area Designated Print Contact
MSE Bryana, Tonya, Ig or Claire
CESE Bryana, Tonya, Ig or Claire
Nanostar Tonya
Chemical Engineering Ryan Thompson
Mechanical Engineering Ryan Thompson


...make a long distance call?

In order to make work and research related long distance calls or to fax to a long distance number, you will need a FAC (forced authorization code). To obtain a calling code, please send an email request to Tonya Reynolds and provide a PTAO.


...copy, scan, or fax a document?

The copier-scanner resides in the MSE office suite.

SCANNING: You do not need a copy card to make scans. Scanned files larger than 10MB may not transmit correctly.

COPYING: Copies fall into two categories, each accounted for separately: education and research. If you are making copies in your role as a teaching assistant, please use the education copy card (see a staff member for the secret location). If you are making copies related to your research, you will need to use a copy card billed to your research group. In order to obtain a research copy card, fill in the Copy Card Form, print it, sign it, then please return to Tonya Reynolds' mailbox in WDF 109H.

FAXING: The department fax number is (434) 982-5660. In order to fax to a long distance number, you will need to have an FAC (forced authorization code, see making long distance calls).


... make travel arrangements?

Planning ahead is key to worry-free travel. See Bryana Amador to get your TravelUVa account set up so that you can book your hotel, rental car, flights, train, etc ahead of time and have the expense placed on the T&E Card instead of your personal credit card. After traveling, please submit your reimbursement request in ExpenseUva ( For questions or support with TravelUVa, ExpenseUVa, or anything travel-related, please see Bryana Amador.


... stay safe in the lab?

The department requires laboratory safety training. Safety modules are available through EHS.

Please review the disaster plans for your building (Wilsdorf Hall, Materials Science Building) as well. Please see Richard or Barry with any general safety concerns.


... repair electronics equipment?

The Physics department offers both an electronics engineer and an electronic repair technician.  Please see  for futher information.


… license VMWARE products?

The department has dedicated web store for VMWARE products available free of charge to all MSE students, faculty and staff. You can request access by emailing

Currently available products: Fusion 11 (OSX), Fusion 10 (OSX), Workstation 15 (Win/Linux), Workstation 14 (Win/Linux), vSphere, etc.

Personal and lab licensing available. 


...  find out which staff member to ask for help?  Where should I look if I have further questions?

The MSE Resources box folder contains useful information concerning the roles and responsibilities of the MSE staff, human resources, maps, and departmental policies.