• Martukanitz, Richard

    Research Professor, Materials Science & Engineering and Fellow in Additive Manufacturing, Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM)

    Over the past 30-years, Dr. Martukanitz has been deeply involved in developing and implementing advanced manufacturing technology, with a specially in laser and materials processing. He is the co-inventor of the laser stir welding process, which is being applied in many different industries. His...

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  • McDonnell, Stephen J.

    Assistant Professor

    Stephen McDonnell’s current research focuses on understanding how 2D materials, such as the transition metal dichalcogenide family, interface with other materials in electronic devices. Interfaces play a critical role in the performance of electronic devices. As such, understanding the bonding...

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  • Opila, Elizabeth J.

    Professor, Director, Rolls-Royce University Technology Center on Advanced Material Systems

    Our research focuses on materials for use in extreme environments and can be applied to materials for use in aircraft engines, rocket engines, energy conversion technologies, and thermal protection systems. We first create critical aspects of the use environment in the lab such as high...

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  • Reinke, Petra

    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director Engineering Physics Program

    Habilitation in Experimental Physics, University of Basel, Physics Institute, Switzerland, 1994-2000 Research Group Leader (Assistant Professor), University of Göttingen, II, Physics Institute, Germany, 2001-2003 Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Department of Materials Science &...

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  • Scully, John R.

    Department Chair, Charles Henderson Chaired Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Co-Director of Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering

    My primary research interest is to understand the relationships between a material's structure and composition and properties related to environmental degradation. The properties of focused interest and activity are those associated with hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking,...

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  • Shiflet, Gary James

    William G Reynolds Professor

    Dr. Shiflet's primary interests are in the kinetics and thermodynamics of phase transformations in crystalline and amorphous solids with particular emphasis on the atomic mechanism involved. Carefully controlled heat treatment experiments and both analytical and high resolution TEM are the...

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  • Shukla, Nikhil

    Assistant Professor

    Nikhil Shukla is an Assistant Professor at University of Virginia (starting January 2018) with a joint appointment in the ECE and the Materials Science and Engineering department. He completed his BS in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Mumbai, India, in 2010, and a PhD...

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  • Soffa, William

    Faculty Emeritus in Residence

    Professor Soffa’s research interests are in the areas of phase transformations, magnetic materials and crystal plasticity. He has been particularly interested in using electron microscopy to study clustering and ordering in solid solutions and in the synergistics of these processes in...

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  • Wadley, Haydn N.

    University Professor, Edgar Starke Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

    Dr. Wadley has very broad interests in materials science, mechanics and thermal transport. His current research explores high temperature thermal protection systems (thermal barrier coatings, liquid metal heat plates for hypersonic vehicle leading edges, jet blast deflectors) and new materials...

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