MSE Spring 2021 Seminar Series

UVA's Department of Materials Science and Engineering is pleased to convene this semester's seminar series.

The program enriches students' learning experience, stimulates critical thinking and deepens understanding of materials science and engineering from multiple perspectives and disciplines. Participants will learn about various state-of-the-art research methods and tools from the leading researchers in the field, expand their professional network, and gain inspiration from fresh perspectives on their research and scholarship.

Ichiro Takeuchi, University of Maryland

Takeuchi and his research partners recently demonstrated a closed-loop autonomous materials discovery process. He will discuss how he uses machine learning techniques minimize experimental resources and accelerate the materials discovery.

Joshua Kacher, Georgia Institute of Technology

Kacher will discuss material behavior in environments ranging from the high temperatures, irradiation, and corrosive media experienced in nuclear reactors to the damage accumulation experienced by a part after decades of use.

Despina Louca, University of Virginia

Louca will describe the nature of various states observed in cobalt perovskite oxides and their competing interactions; the ways in which the spin, lattice, charge and orbital degrees of freedom respond on a variety of length scales; and how they produce novel phenomena.

Ryan Comes, Auburn University

Gain insight into the Films, Interfaces and Nanostructures of Oxides lab at Auburn University. Comes will discuss his group’s state-of-the-art hybrid oxide molecular beam epitaxy system to grow and characterized oxide films.

Allison Beese, Penn State University

Beese will present physically-based plasticity and fracture models that can be used to predict and prevent component performance, generated through experimental methods and applied to additive manufacturing and automobile components.

Thomas Moffat, NIST

Moffat will introduce research conducted in NIST’s Functional Nanostructured Materials Group and present his research in electrochemical processing for advanced metallization in microelectronics, magnetic devices, and the synthesis of alloy electrocatalyst.