Although we could not be together on Grounds May 16, the UVA Engineering community joined together - virtually and creatively - to honor the students who have met the rigorous requirements to become UVA engineers. Students, faculty, staff, families, friends and alumni are invited to explore this page for special presentations from the school and our eight engineering departments. We also look forward to seeing graduates and their families at the University's official Final Exercises in October 2020 or May 2021.

A message from John Scully to graduates of materials science and engineering and engineering science

Graduates of Materials Science and Engineering and Engineering Science are recognized by the department chair, program directors and faculty advisors. Department award winners are also be announced during this program. #WeAreUvaEngineers2020

Congratulations to our graduates

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science

    Summer 2019

    Edward Alden Duquette, Applied Math and Astronomy


    Fall 2019

    James Michael Dellaripa III, Biomedical Engineering and Biology


    Spring 2020

    Marin Blaisdell, High Distinction, Materials Science & Engineering and Applied Math

    Raina Ann Clasen, High Distinction, Electrical Engineering and Applied Math

    Dylan Tiger Culfogienis, High Distinction, Nanotechnology Concentration, Materials Science & Engineering and Biology

    Alexander Joseph Knoop, Applied Math, Chemistry, and Engineering Business

    Christian James May, Computer Science and Systems Engineering

    Katelyn Elizabeth Salotto, Highest Distinction, Nanomedicine Concentration and Biomedical Engineering

    Ryan McLean Taylor, High Distinction, Applied Math and Physics

    Goutham Subramanian Thiagarajan, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Delanie Marie Laurentius


    Spring 2020

    Kristyn Diane Ardrey

    Ryan Michael Katona

    Charles Thomas Miller

  • Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

    Fall 2019

    Bryan Michael Koscielny, The Effect of the Inter-Layer Time Interval on Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718

    Mary Cecilia Mulvaney, Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication of Aluminum: Investigating Properties and Cracking of Alloys 2219 and 7075


    Spring 2020

    William Polk Moffat, Implementation of Laser Ablation Coating Removal Technique for Steel Components on VDOT Bridges

    Xuemeng Xia, Welding of ASTM A709 Grade 50CR using Austenitic Filler Wires at Varying Heat Inputs and Maximum Interpass Temperatures

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering

    Summer 2019

    Miao He, Atomistic and Continuum Modeling of Laser-Induced Phase Transformations, Generation of Crystal Defects, and Modification of Surface Morphology in Silicon and Metal Targets

    Katie Lutton, Electrochemical Passivation of Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys: The Fate of Alloying Elements and Implications of Oxide Dopants and Defects Towards Passivation and Breakdown


    Fall 2019

    Matthew Anthony Diasio, Rheological and Colloidal Approaches to Characterizing and Producing Dispersions for Advanced Manufacturing


    Spring 2020

    Lavina Backman, The Design of High Entropy Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Oxidation Resistance

    Cory Gordon Parker, Effect of the Air Plasma Spray Process on Rare Earth Silicate Coating Life

Recognizing Student Excellence

  • Lavina Backman

    Lavina Backman

    Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf Outstanding Graduate Student Award

    This award recognizes exemplary research contributions and advancement of the materials science and engineering academic mission. Lavina’s Ph.D. research focused on understanding the oxidation mechanisms of high-entropy ultra-high temperature ceramics, a new class of materials, through experiment and thermodynamic calculations. Lavina has been active in the department’s graduate student board and the President’s Council for Student Advisors in the American Ceramic Society.

  • Will Blades

    Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf Outstanding Graduate Student Award

    Will’s atomic-scale look at the oxidation of nichrome provided insight into the alloy-oxide interface. Will is president of UVA's MRS student chapter; he actively mentors undergrads and earned a fellowship to teach Introduction to Materials Science.

    Read more about Will's research
  • Eric Hoglund

    Fred D. Rosi Outstanding Citizen Award

    Eric demonstrated leadership and teamwork helping students, faculty and researchers meet their electron microscopy needs and serving as MSA's Student Council Chair. The award also recognizes his academic accomplishments and involvement in the Graduate Student Body of MSE.

    Read about Eric's career path in microscopy
  • Raina Clasen

    Raina Clasen

    Outstanding Engineering Science Student Award

    Raina is graduating this year from a dual degree program. She’s receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Science and Master’s Degree in Teaching from the Curry School.  Following graduation, Raina plans to teach engineering and math in secondary school education. 

  • Katelyn Salotto

    Outstanding Engineering Science Student Award

    Katelyn has completed her studies in Engineering Science with a concentration in Nanomedicine.  Following graduation, Katelyn plans to attend medical school. 

    Learn more about Katelyn's search for a cure for melanoma
  • Marcus Dozier

    Marcus Dozier

    Belinda and Chip Blankenship Scholarship

    This $5,000 scholarship encourages students to pursue graduate-level materials science and engineering research to support of U.S. manufacturing, education, and R&D. Marcus is a double major in aerospace engineering and engineering science, with a concentration in materials science and engineering. He works on advanced high-temperature materials, including an independent study on silica growth and crystallization on silicon carbide substrates, and leads an effort to incorporate machine learning in microstructural analysis of ceramic composites for oxidation studies.