Systems Engineering Industrial Advising Board (SEIAB)

The goals of the Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (SEIAB) are to advise our BS & ME programs in order: to increase student knowledge of the practice of systems engineering in disparate industries, to more closely link academic courses and curricula to real-world needs via case studies, classroom examples, and other synergistic activities, and to increase the opportunities for systems students regarding internships, externships, and employment in government and in industry.

What Our Graduates Are Doing

  • Colleen Kohout, Systems Engineering, 2017

    Sr. Business Analyst (Analyst Development Program)

    I work on credit strategy for new small business credit card products. Specifically, I use data analysis to develop frameworks which determine in real time how much we will allow our customers to spend on their credit card. My day-to-day involves data analysis on transactions using SQL and python, making decks, meetings with partner teams to align on intent, and with business leadership to get approval for our recommendations.

  • TJ Sample, Systems Engineering and Economics, 2019

    Business Analyst (Analyst Development Program) 1st Year: Upmarket Yield Management 2nd Year: Bank Market Strategy

    • My team was in charge of monitoring our overall revenue margins and pulling the appropriate levers within the ways we generate revenue (interest, interchange, and fees). My specific role involved two main things: setting up broad monitoring of our revenue margins and their components and replatforming our fee waivers so that we could change policy to best serve our customers and ourselves.
    • Setting up monitoring involved using a variety of tools from SQL to Python to Tableau to pull the appropriate data and visualize the data in a daily or monthly cadence (depending on the type of data and audience). For example, when COVID hit, I created a script that would output several key metrics (like spend and FICO distribution) every day and automatically create and send out a PowerPoint to our VPs.
    • Replatforming our fee waivers involved working with our tech teams and data analysts to improve the system by which agents waived fees. This involved identifying which subsets of the population should be eligible to have fees (like membership or past due fees) waived, working with data analysts to input that subset of the population into an API, and working with tech teams to build the API and link it to the dashboards that our call agents see.
    • My team is in charge of market strategy for all of our bank marketing. Essentially, my team decides how much money we put towards national advertising (TV commercials) vs. digital advertising (Facebook, Google ads, etc) vs. direct advertising (e.g. sending out mail direct to customers asking them to open an account). To do this, we work with all of the marketing teams to identify which marketing campaigns they want to run and with tech and data teams to use models to forecast how many accounts and deposits we would drive from each type of marketing campaign. My specific role is on the reporting side. So I aggregate all of our marketing decisions, updates on our marketing campaigns, and updates on our tech/data builds and report them to leadership.
  • Ben Metzger, Systems Engineering, 2020

    Process Manager (Management Rotation Program) in Technology Operations

    • I am a process manager for the Software Development Life Cycle Governance and Improvement team (we're working on shortening that). I am part of the management rotation program.
    • My team's mission is to bring transparency and clarity to developers regarding the requirements / controls that they face while developing software.  We maintain records and govern the change management for all corporate policies that apply to development teams.  We also evaluate and report compliance data with regards to these applicable policy areas.
  • Akshat Pendharkar, Systems Engineering, 2018

    Software Engineer (Technology Development Program)

    Mainly work with big data using Java and Python to perform operations. Some projects I have worked on include:

    • Developed Apache Spark data transformation batch jobs using Java to load customer data into the credit card transaction authorization platform for real-time approvals or declines.
    • Implemented a Python Apache Kafka stream listener on AWS Lambda to attach credit card policies to customer accounts.
  • Daniel Park, Systems Engineering, 2019

    Data Engineer (Technology Development Program)

    I work on a machine learning platform that uses Spark on AWS EMR as its compute resource and Apache Airflow as its orchestration layer to show Capital One customers messages that are the most relevant to them.

  • Sabreena Abedin, Systems Engineering, 2019

    Senior Software Engineer (Technology Development Program)

    I just graduated from the technology development rotational program so I'm on my third team at Capital One. My current role is to build the software and infrastructure that helps the finance keep track of the companies they work with and their commissions. This includes, but is not limited to, building out a front-end website, maintaining the databases, creating APIs to access data, and handling the security and authentication methods.

SEIAB Advisory Board Members


    Sean Gallahan (class of 2013), Product Manager

    Work Description: I collaborate with a team of designers, engineers and sales to create and market features that better protect and connect millions of users to their homes through their mobile device. To be successful in creating those products, I have to keep up with the highly competitive smart home and security space and have a technical understanding of the mobile interface.

  • Kristi Kim (Class of 2019)

    Quality Engineer

    Work Description: A quality engineer is often described as the last line of defense before the product reaches customers. It’s important for a quality engineer to think in the perspective of the customer and ensure the quality of the product. As a quality engineer, I have to understand the product and relevant data, create test cases based on the understanding, and execute those test cases in a way that’s both efficient and accurate. The job requires a combination of problem-solving skills, technical understanding, and creativity!

  • Joel Loeshelle (Class of 2012)

    Manager, Software Engineering

    Work Description: I lead the iOS team at ALARM.COM, responsible for our iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV apps. I directly manage a team of 12 iOS Engineers, but also work closely with other iOS engineers, Product Managers, UX Designers, and Quality Engineers at ALARM.COM. Most of my day to day responsibilities fall on the management side – reviewing code designs with other engineers and specifications with product managers. I also spend around 20% of my time coding.


    Michael Balazs (Physics ’06), Chief Futurist

    Work Description: Autonomy for Joint and Services

Company Employment Opportunities

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