Systems Engineering Graduate Programs

The Department of Systems and Information Engineering (SIE) offers several graduate degree options for advanced study in systems engineering. Professionals with advanced degrees in systems engineering from the University of Virginia, one of the world's most respected universities for research and education, are in especially high demand.

Systems engineers apply their expertise to a wide variety of challenges in a large number of sectors. UVA systems engineers, for example, are working on:

  • Improving humans’ ability to work effectively in complex technical systems.
  • Machine learning and adaptive decision support systems for approaches to system-of-systems design for improving defense systems and manufacturing operations.

Thanks to UVA Engineering's extensive alumni network and connections with corporations, government agencies, other universities, and consortia such as the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing, our graduate students have access to multiple pathways to develop their careers.

Employment opportunities abound in many sectors. Our graduates become professors at universities and colleges, researchers at institutes and laboratories, analysts at corporations, consulting firms and government agencies; and some become entrepreneurs — starting research, consulting, or service companies.

Students may complete the ME either on-grounds, through the Virginia Engineering Online program, or through the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering.

Students completing an MS or PhD in Systems Engineering are actively involved in the department's research program.

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