D Policy and 4th Year Standing

The following policies apply to all Systems Engineering students (both majors and minors)

D Policy

A grade of C- or higher must be earned in core systems, computer science, and mathematics courses. The Systems' elective must be a passing grade. The specific list of courses is available below.

If you earn below a C- in any of the following courses:

2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
SYS 2001* SYS 3021* SYS 3034 SYS 4021
SYS 2202 SYS 3023 SYS 3060* SYS 4053 & 54
CS 2110* SYS 3055 SYS 3062 SYS 4055
APMA 3080 APMA 3120*    
APMA 3100*      


If Yes:

  • You need to retake the said course(s) to graduate
  • Courses with an asterisk (*) are also prerequisites for later SYS classes, and you need a C- or higher for the prerequisites to be considered satisfied


4th Year Standing

A student must have fourth year standing to participate in the capstone experience. The requirements for having fourth-year standing are detailed below.

  • Must have 4th year standing as a systems major to take SYS 4053 (capstone).
  • 4th year standing is defined as
    • must have completed (with C- or higher) 6 or more classes in the standard SYS curriculum
      • 2001 and 2202, and
      • Four of the following: 3021, 3023, 3060, 3062, or 3034

If you are part of the US/Brazil program, you must have completed (with C-or higher) the following four courses to have 4th year standing: SYS 2001, SYS 2202, SYS 3021, SYS 3023. This difference for the US/Brazil program is needed to accommodate the fact that students in this program take courses in a slightly different order.


The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at www.virginia.edu/registrar/catalog/ugrad.html.