The Envionmental Catalysis lab is not only a basic research lab, but also focuses on industry-like experiments. Our reactors span the ability to run from powder- to pilot-scale, with multiple analytics

Bench Reactors


The bench reactors are our workhorses. The ones shown simulate diesel engine aftertreatment systems. The gases are analyzed by either FT-IR or Mass Spectroscopy depending on what gases we want to analyze.

Bench reactor: Lindberg Blue M Mini-Mite Tube Furnace
FT-IR: MKS MultiGas 2030
Mass Spectroscopy: Hiden HPR-20

High Throughput Reactor


High throughput reactor capable of screening 7 catalysts at once. Currently under construction.

CO Chemisorption


CO-chemisorption is used to measure metal particle sizes and dispersions. Housed in Prof. Davis's lab.

Machine type: Asap 2020