Biomedical Engineering Location: Old Cabell Hall
Add to Calendar 2022-05-22T12:30:00 2022-05-22T12:30:00 America/New_York BME Final Exercises 2022 Diploma Ceremony Finals Weekend Website   LOCATION AND WEATHER CONTINGENCIES Fair-Weather Location: Old Cabell Hall, Auditorium (12:30 p.m.), Map Inclement-Weather Location: Same | Severe-Weather Location: Same BME Department Contact: Kitter Bishop (434) 245-0494,   Old Cabell Hall

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  • Fair-Weather Location: Old Cabell Hall, Auditorium (12:30 p.m.), Map
  • Inclement-Weather Location: Same | Severe-Weather Location: Same
  • BME Department Contact: Kitter Bishop (434) 245-0494,


SCHEDULE May 22, 2022

  • 10:00    Lawn Ceremony
  • 12:30p  BME Diploma Ceremony Old Cabell Hall (Map)
  • 1:30p    BME Reception at South Commons (Map)



    • Lawn Ceremony tickets: click here
    • Update 4/1/2022: Each graduate will receive 5 Tickets to the BME Diploma Ceremony.  Not 6 tickets, as previously shared by the Dean's Office.  This is due to an 851-person seating limit at Old Cabell Hall. 
    • NOTE that the long-time School average is 4.7 guests per graduate. We anticipate being able to accommodate graduates with 6 guests through two strategies: 1) Distribution of extra tickets that have been surrendered by other students, and 2) Seating of unticketd guests on a first-come first-served basis, after ticketed guests have been seated.
    • Diploma Ceremony tickets disbursal dates: April 29 - 12p on May 20, pick up Diploma Ceremony tickets from MR5 1041 between the hours of 9a-4p.  12p on May 20- 1230p on May 22, arrange pick up with (your tickets will NOT make their way to Old Cabell on Sunday, but you can get them off Kitter's front porch, which is convenient to Old Cabell and South Garage).
    • Do you have fewer than 5 guests?  Consider surrendering your unused tickets.  BME will help to distribute these.  Alterntely, you can share your unsused ticket(s) with BMEs who need a 6th ticket.
    • Unticketed guests: Once all ticketed guests are admitted to the Old Cabell Hall auditorium, if there is extra space, then guests without tickets will be welcome to enter. There is no standing room in Old Cabell Hall. Once the seating capacity is reached, the doors are closed.



    • Light lunch provided by Mona Lisa Pasta
    • Location is South Commons (adjacent to Nau/Gibson Halls) (Map
    • The accustomed route from Old Cabell to South Commons has stairs. This ADA Map shows the accessibility routes.  Following the Diploma Ceremony, there will be escorts posted at the Old Cabell elevators to assist travel to South Commons.



    • Here is official Parking Info from the Office of Major Events. 
    • Here is additional helpful parking info for the BME crowd: The Student Wellness Center Garage and the UVA Health South Garage are both open on May 22 (Map). These are convenient to the Lawn, Old Cabell, and South Commons.  The downside is that there is no Shuttle Service on our sides of grounds!  You must be prepared to walk .25 miles (Wellness Garage) or a little more (South Garage) up to the Lawn, and back again.  Thus this option, though extremely convenient, is best for guests without mobility impairment, because there is no suporting infrastructure. 
    • Kitter has a limited number of parking passes at Old Cabell for disabled and/or mobility-impaired family members. These are available on a first-come first-served basis.  Email or call 434 982-4100 well ahead of time. Kitter MUST correspond with the organizing parent or the family member who is doing the driving and parking. Why? Because in the past, when I have released these valuable passes to students, the instructions about timing and location are not passed on in a timely fashion, and these valuable passes end up going unused.



    • Submit your honors and awards to: (coming soon)
    • Where-to-be-When: Read "Dr. Guilford's simplified instructions for graduation" (also soon to arrive in your inbox)
    • Undergraduate students: If your name is likely to challenge Dr. Allen, then please practice with him or email him an audio file or phonetic spelling:
    • Graduate students: If your name is likely to challenge Dr. Peirce-Cottler, then please practice with her or email her an audio file or phonetic spelling:



    • Caps and Gowns: click here
    • PhD Hoods: The School of Engineering provides graduating PhDs with their hoods. Your PhD mentor "hoods" you as part of the diploma ceremony.  MS and ME students do not receive hoods.



    • Annual training meeting is 10:00am on Friday, May 6 in the Old Cabell Hall Auditorium. We will do a dry run of the ceremony and reception from the perpective of an usher.  
    • Kitter has event badge and wristbands for volunteers. If you are unable to attend the the Annual Training, email to arrange pick up.
    • Plan to arrive the Old Cabell Auditorium by 11:00am on Sunday. Enter Old Cabell Hall from New Cabell Hall at the side entrance off the C-1 parking lot. You will need your event badge and wristband in order to enter Cabell Hall while the Lawn Ceremony is still taking place. 
    • Thank you, we couldn't do it without you!



    • Regalia is available for pick up in the BME Office starting (TBD).  After 12p on May 20, email to arrange pick up from her front porch, which is convenient Old Cabell Hall and South Garage.  Regalia will NOT be carried to Old Cabell Hall on Sunday.
    • People with specific roles in the ceremony are: MC (Dr. Guilford), Chair (Dr. Epstein), Diploma Assistant/Graduate Name Reader (Dr. Peirce-Cottler), Marshall (Dr. Kelly), Undergraduate Name Reader (Timothy Allen)
    • Meet in basement of Old Cabell after the Lawn Ceremony, no later than 12:15a.
    • If you need to enter Old Cabell Hall before the Lawn ceremony ends, you must get an event staff badge and wristband from Kitter ahead of time.



    • Metal detectors and clear bag policy.
    • Faculty who are attending the Lawn Ceremony and Diploma Ceremony: No special instructions.
    • Family members who are attending only the diploma ceremony and want to enter Old Cabell before the Lawn Ceremony ends: Get an Event Badge from Kitter.