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Junichiro Shiomi
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Tokyo

Seminar:  Materials Informatics for Heat Transfer

Abstract: Materials informatics (MI), developing or studying materials with an aid of informatics or machine learning, has become popular in academia and industry. Use of MI for heat transfer, or more precisely thermal functional materials, started later than other fields but now there are growing number of reports showing good compatibility. A general methodology is to train a black box model that relates basic descriptors (structure, composition, etc) and figure of merit (target properties) and predict or design a material with largest FOM. At Thermal Energy Engineering Lab at University of Tokyo, together with the collaborators, we have been working on MI for heat transfer for about 6 years, and published the first paper in 2017 on nanostructure design using Bayesian optimization[1]. Now the search space has been further expanded by factorization machine and quantum annealing[2]. We have applied the methodology to computationally design and experimentally realize, for instance, aperiodic superlattice that optimally impedes coherent thermal transport[3] and multilayer metamaterial with ultranarrow-band wavelength-selective thermal radiation[4]. In the talk, I will introduce these progresses including other MI approaches, and discuss the capability of MI for heat transfer and remaining challenges/opportunities.

[1] Ju, Shiga, Feng, Hou, Tsuda, Shiomi, Physical Review X, 7, 021024 (2017).
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[4] Sakurai, Yada, Simomura, Ju, Kashiwagi, Okada, Nagao, Tsuda, Shiomi, ACS Central Science 5, 319 (2019).

About the speaker:  Prof. Junichiro Shiomi received the B.E. (1999) from Tohoku University, and Ph. D. (2004) from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He is currently a professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokyo. His research interests include heat conduction of nanomaterials, polymer composites, and thermoelectrics, phase change and fluidics in nanoscale, interfacial thermofluid dynamics, thermal convections, and materials informatics. He is a recipient of the Zeldovich Medal from the Committee on Space Research, Young Scientists' Prize, the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Educational, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Academic award of Heat Transfer Society of Japan.

Host:  Mona Zebarjadi, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and materials science and engineering