Electrical and Computer Engineering Location: Thornton E-316 and Zoom Webinar
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Sarah Sun
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science

Seminar:  E-Logo: Embroidered Wearable Electronics

Abstract:  Chronic diseases are the leading causes of deaths around the world. The high cost of prolonged in-hospital care on chronic conditions facilitates the transformation from hospital-centered to human-centered healthcare. Wearable devices provide a preventive, proactive approach for daily monitoring and well-being management. The people’s comfort, biocompatibility, and operability call for special attention to new generation technologies. The recent progress in smart fabrics, textiles, and garments and their manufacturing techniques opens the door for next-generation wearable electronics with fully flexible systems on cloth. This study aims to establish a platform technology of embroidered wearable electronics that can monitor multiple vital signals using electronic logos (E-Logos).

To achieve the goal, we first tackle the major challenge of motion artifacts by investigating the physical model from a new perspective and provide synergic methods to mitigate motion artifacts. Based on the understanding, multiple embroidered electronics have been successfully implemented for ubiquitous sensing. To further realize automatic design-to-manufacturing translation of E-Logos on cloth, a cloud manufacturing framework has also been established on our server, connecting customers, designers, and manufacturers as a network. The overall goal is to realize ubiquitous sensing without any disturbance in people’s daily life.

About the Speaker: Dr. Sarah Sun is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia since Fall 2021. Prior to her position at UVA, she was an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. Her research is mainly focused on wearable sensors, electronics, and robotics. She is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award. She is an active member of IEEE and ASME. She is the General Chair of IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies 2022. She serves on the Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems Technical Committee and the Secure and Dependable Measurement Technical Committee in IEEE. She also serves as a conference organizing committee member and track chair for multiple conferences.

Host:  Cong Shen, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering