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Shashank Priya
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Pennsylvania State University

Seminar: Environmental energy harvesting:  magnetic field, vibrations, heat and light

Abstract: Energy harvesting provides opportunity to develop self-powered architectures, where power for electronic devices can be generated from the energy sources present in the environment. In this presentation, examples illustrating these self-powered architectures will be provided covering solar, thermal, magnetic field, and vibration energy harvesting in applications ranging from internet of things devices to portable power generator to distributed power sources. The presentation will emphasize advances made in synthesis of textured piezoelectrics, organo-halide perovskites, thermoelectrics and magnetoelectric composites. Novel synthesis techniques such as spark plasma sintering, dry/wet aerosol deposition, laser annealing and template grain growth will be discussed. These thick film / bulk ceramic synthesis methods have provided the opportunity to develop materials with specific figure of merit. Interface design through controlled laser annealing has opened the opportunity to achieve high coupling factors responsible for impedance matching. In-depth discussion of the design, modeling and testing procedures for energy harvesters will be provided to promote the consistency in reporting.

About the Speaker: Shashank Priya is professor of materials science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University and serves as associate vice president for research and director of strategic initiatives. He also has adjunct professor appointments in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University and Virginia Tech. His research is focused in areas related to multifunctional materials, energy harvesting and bio-inspired systems. He has published over 450 peer-reviewed high impact journal papers / books chapters and more than 60 conference proceedings covering these topics. He has published ten U.S. patents and edited ten books. His research group is interdisciplinary, consisting of materials scientists, physicists, mechanical engineers, roboticists, and electrical engineers. This allows the group to conduct integrated research addressing several aspects at the material, component and system level. He is the founder and chair of the Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting. He is a member of the honorary chair committee for the International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials and Applications. He is a fellow of the American Ceramic Society.