Electrical and Computer Engineering Location: Thornton Hall E316, 2-3pm EST [in person seminar]
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Shumon Huque

Software Engineer and Internet Technologist. Salesforce 

Title: The Evolving Landscape of the DNS

Abstract: This talk will give an overview of recent developments in the evolution of the Domain Name System (DNS), the distributed global database that provides name to address mappings (and more) for the Internet. After a brief review of the DNS, it will cover how the worldwide DNS ecosystem has been evolving in recent years, and where it might be going in the future. Topics will include DNSSEC (cryptographic authentication of DNS data), DANE (DNSSEC as a PKI for applications), DNS Privacy (DNS over authenticated and encrypted transports such as TLS, HTTPS, QUIC), impacts of middleboxes, industry consolidation trends, and tensions between the deployment of new DNS features and the prevailing security postures of corporate networks. Lastly, the talk will discuss how academic researchers could more effectively participate in the engineering and evolution of the DNS system.


Shumon Huque is a Software Engineering Architect at Salesforce, an American Cloud Computing company. The primary focus of his work is on the Domain Name System (DNS), networking, and security protocols. He serves as the chief architect and product owner for DNS services at Salesforce. In that capacity he is involved in all aspects of the DNS infrastructure, including operations, engineering, architecture, software development, and the integration of DNS with applications and cloud platforms.

Prior to Salesforce, he served as Principal Research Scientist at Verisign Labs, the applied research division of Verisign Inc. Before Verisign, he spent many years at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in a variety of roles including Systems Programmer, Network Engineer, Engineering Director, and Adjunct Faculty teaching Advanced Network Protocols. While at Penn, Shumon played a prominent role in early adoption, prototyping, and promotion of advanced protocols like DNSSEC and IPv6 in the US Research & Education community. He served as Chief Engineer of the MAGPI GigaPoP, a regional network operated by Penn that connected universities, colleges, and other non-profits in New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania to Internet2, the US national Research &  Education backbone network.

Shumon is an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the main standards development organization for Internet protocols. He is also active in DNS-OARC, the premier industry organization of technologists & researchers involved in the DNS, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of DNS-OARC. In addition, he is a member of the ICANN RSSAC Caucus - the body of technical experts that advises ICANN on the operation of the Internet's DNS Root Server System.

Shumon holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Host:  Dr. Yixin Sun, assitant professor of electrical & computer engineering and computer science.

Organizer: Dr. Mona Zebarjadi