School of Engineering and Applied Science Committees

Assignments and charges for each standing committee at the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

See Also: Charges for Each Committee

P&T Committee:
Bailey, Reid (ESE/AGF)
Beling, Andreas (ECE)
Christ, George (BME)
Furukawa, Tomo (MAE)
Morrison, Briana (CS/AGF)
Opila, Beth (MSE)
Reinke, Petra (Chair) (MSE)
Vullikanti, Anil (CS)
CHE – Vacant
ES – Vacant

Reappointment Committee
Chang, Cindy (MAE)
Choi, Josh (CHE)
Groves, James (ES)
Ihlefeld, Jon (Chair) (MSE)
Lichtenberger, Art (ECE)
Ozbulut, Osman (ESE)
Rohde, Gustavo (BME)
Shen, Haiying (CS)

Engineering Research Advisory Council (ERAC):
Bart-Smith, Hilary (MAE)
Burns, Jimmy (MSE)
Caliari, Stephen (CHE)
Epstein, Fred (Co-chair) (DO)
Ghosh, Avik (Co-chair) (ECE)
Lakshmi, Venkat (ESE)
Sullivan, Kevin (CS)
Wylie, Caitlin (ES)
Zunder, Eli (BME) 

Directors of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
Civelek, Mete (BME)
Epling, Bill (CHE)
Green, David (MSE)
Habashi, Meara (Co-Chair)(DO)
Hellings, Chris (APMA)
Louis, Garrick (ESE)
Mandeltort, Lynn (Co-Chair) (DO)
Opila, Beth (MSE)
Praphamontripong, Upsorn (CS)
Sun, Sara (MAE)
Wayland, Kent (ES)
Williams, Keith (ECE)

Graduate Studies Committee:
Barnes, Laura (ESE)
Davidson, Jack (CS)
Griffin, Don (BME)
Hopkins, Patrick (MAE)
Koenig, Gary (CHE)
Lin, Felix (CS)
Lin, Zongli (ECE)
McDonnell, Stephen (MSE)
Miller, Drew (GESC)
Park, Brian (ESE)
Rodriguez, Cesar (GESC)
Smith, James, (Chair) (DO)
Stan, Mircea (CpE)
Zangari, Giovanni (MSE)

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
Barker, Shannon (BME)
Floryan, Mark (CS)
Culver, Teresa (ESE)
Fitz-Gerald, James (MSE)
Guilford, Will (DO)
Lampe, Kyle (CHE)
Lampe, Lisa (DO)
Momot, Mike (MAE)
Norton, Peter (ES)
Riggs, Robert (Chair) (ESE)
Rogers, Jesse (DO)
Ryals, Megan (APMA)
Williams, Keith (ECE)

Endowed Chair Committee:
Berne, Rosalyn (ES)
Blemker, Silvia (BME)
Campbell, Joe (ECE)
Lakshmi, Venkat (ESE)
Li, Chris (Chair) (MAE)
Skadron, Kevin (CS)
Wadley, Haydn (MSE)

Academic Standards:
Anderson, Eric (CHE)
Garner, Gavin (MAE)
Graham, Daniel (CS)
Guilford, Will (DO)
Highley, Chris (BME)
Lampe, Lisa (Chair) (DO)
Lee, Kyusang (ECE)
Lee, Kyusang (ECE)
Li, Meiqin (APMA)
Ma, Ji (MSE)
Neeley, Kay (ES)
Pindera, Marek (ESE)

UVA Engineering Faculty Council:
Bloomfield, Aaron (CS) expires 2025
Colosi Peterson, Lisa (ESE) expires 2026
Delong, Todd (ECE) expires 2025
Fitz-Gerald, Jim (MSE) expires 2023
Ghosh, Avik (ECE) expires 2025
Kerrigan, Jason (MAE) expires 2023
Lambert, James (ESE) expires 2026
Lazzara, Matthew (chair) expires 2023
Neeley, Kay (ES) expires 2024
Norton, Peter (ES) expires 2023

Dean’s Advisory Council:
West, Jennifer (Dean)
Peirce-Cottler, Shayn (BME Chair)
Epling, Bill (ChE Chair)
Dwarkadas, Sandhya (CS Interim Chair)
Acton, Scott (ECE Chair)
Berne, Rosalyn (ES Interim Chair)
Smith, Brian (Chair) (ESE Chair)
Scully, John (MSE Chair)
Kent, Richard (MAE Interim Chair)
Lazzara, Mattthew (Faculty Council Chair)
Busby, Michelle (Staff Senate Rep.)
Mather, Elizabeth (Exec. Dir. of Communications)
Baker, Ann (Exec. Dir. of Advancement)
Kromkowski, Anne (Senior Assoc. Dean & COO)
Smith, Brian (Assoc. Dean of Faculty Affairs)
Guilford, Will (Assoc. Dean of Undergrad. Affairs)
Habashi, Meara (Assoc. Dean for DEI)
Smith, Jim (Assoc. Dean of Grad. Affiars)

revised: 09.22.22