School of Engineering and Applied Science Committees

Assignments and charges for each standing committee at the School of Engineering and Applied Science

See Also: Charges for Each Committee

P&T Committee:

Agnew, Sean (MSE)

Campbell, Joe (ECE)

Christ, George (BME)

Evans, Dave (CS)

Ford, Roseanne (Chair) (CHE)

Ghosh, Avik (Cross-cutting/Interdisciplinary)

Gorman, Mike (ES)

Lakshmi, Venkat (ESE)

Smith, Natasha (MAE/AGF)


Reappointment Committee

Choi, Josh (CHE)

Harris, Devin (ESE)

Ihlefeld, Jon (Chair) (MSE)

Lichtenberger, Art (ECE)

Ma, Lin (MAE)

Neeley, Kay (ES)

Rohde, Gustavo (BME)

Shen, Haiying (CS)


Engineering Research Advisory Council (ERAC):

Barker, Susan (Chair) (DO)

Barker, Tom (BME)

Bart-Smith, Hilary (MAE)

Fox, Jeff (DO)

Lazzara, Matt (CHE)

Elbaum, Sebastian (CS)

Foley, Rider (ES)

Ihlefeld, Jon (MSE)

Ozbulut, Osman (ESE)

Tao, Gang (ECE)


Directors of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Epling, Bill (CHE)

Esfarjani, Keivan (MAE)

Green, David (MSE)

Janes, Kevin (BME)

Louis, Garrick (ESE)

Mandeltort, Lynn (Chair) (DO)

Praphamontripong, Upsorn (CS)

Reimers, Ann (ES)

Williams, Keith (ECE)



Graduate Studies Committee:

Barnes, Laura (ESE/SIE)

Beling, Andreas (Chair) (ECE)

Wylie, Caitlin (ES)

Hopkins, Patrick (MAE)

Koenig, Gary (CHE)

McDonnell, Stephen (MSE)

Peirce-Cottler, Shayn (BME)

Park, Brian (ESE/CE)

Davidson, Jack (CS)

Lin, Felix (CpE)

2 graduate students (selected by the chair)


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:

Barker, Shannon (BME)

Geise, Geoff (CHE)

Culver, Teresa (Chair) (ESE/CE)

Delong, Todd (CpE)

Fitz-Gerald, James (MSE)
Floryan, Mark (CS)

Riggs, Robert (ESE/SIE)

Guilford, Will (DO) - ex-officio

Momot, Mike (MAE)

Neeley, Kay (ES/STS)

Powell, Harry (ECE)

Ryals, Megan (ES/APMA)

Student member (selected by the chair)


Space Advisory Committee:

Burns, James (MSE)

Calhoun, Ben (ECE)

Carta, Giorgio (CHE)

Goyne, Christopher (MAE)

Griffin, Don (BME)

Krzysztofowicz, Roman (ESE)

Notis, John (Chair) (DO)

Guadagni, Gianluca (ES)

Stankovic, Jack (CS)


Endowed Chair Committee:

Campbell, Joe (Chair) (ECE)

Carlson, Bernie (ES)

Epstein, Fred (BME)

Li, Chris (MAE)

Scully, John (MSE)

Skadron, Kevin (CS)



Academic Standards:

Anderson, Eric (Chair) (CHE)

Cai, Liheng (MSE)

Garner, Gavin (MAE)

Graham, Daniel (CS)

Spencer, Julia (ES)

Helmke, Brian (BME)

Pindera, Marek (ESE)

Sidiropoulos, Nikos (ECE)

Guilford, Will (DO)

Lampe, Lisa (DO)


SEAS Faculty Council:

Berger, Bryan (CHE)

Bloomfield, Aaron (CS)

Fitz-Gerald, Jim (MSE)

Garner, Gavin (MAE)

Kerrigan, Jason (MAE)

Lakshmi, Venkat (Chair) (ESE)

Lazzara, Matthew

Neeley, Kay (ES)

Norton, Peter (ES)

Stan, Mircea (ECE)