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Fluids Research and Innovation Laboratory

The FRIL research team at the University of Virginia is directed by Eric Loth and includes several post-doctoral research scientists, graduate-level students/engineers, and undergraduates. Our projects focus on unsteady fluid dynamics, including micro- and nano-texturing coatings for self-cleaning, fluid dynamics and heat transfer of energy-storage systems, inlet aerodynamics of supersonic aircraft and inlet particle separators of helicopters, and bio-inspired morphing wind turbines to reduce off-shore cost of energy.

FRIL has several dedicated facilities to investigate fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, nano-micro texturing and energy systems. Our researchers also use supersonic wind tunnels, SEM and AFM and surface profilometry for micro/nano-scale imaging and analysis, and university-level computer clusters for 3-D unsteady large-scale flow simulations.

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