Members of the Ford Research Group

The members of the Ford Group are active in the field.

Faculty Lead

  • Roseanne Ford


    Professor Ford was elected a fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering and was awarded the Cavaliers' Distinguished Teaching Professorship, which is the highest teaching award given at UVa. In 2016 she received the AIChE WIC Excellence in Mentoring Award.

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Current Graduate Students

  • Xueying Zhao

    Xueying Zhao

    Joined group 2016

    Previous education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology; M.S. Pennsylvania State University

    Research topic: The Role of Chemotaxis in Marine Microorganism Transport Toward Hydrocarbon Component in An Oil Spill

    Interests outside of the lab: Tennis, hiking, piano, photography


  • Beibei Gao

    Beibei Gao

    Joined group 2018

    Previous education: B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum

    Research topic: Bacterial interaction with oil-water interface, Bacterial transport in porous media, COMSOL simulation

    Interests outside of the lab: hiking, tennis, snowboarding


  • Tracy Kuper

    Tracy Kuper

    Joined group 2018

    Previous education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Research topic: Nanocarrier delivery of cell-signaling agents for biofilm control

    Interests outside of the lab: hiking, ultimate frisbee, reading


  • Rhea Braun

    Rhea Braun

    Joined group 2019

    Previous education: B.S.E. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University

    Research Topics: Sonification of data, Bacterial motility

    Interests outside of the lab: Ceramics, Martial Arts, Languages, Computer Science


  • Sanha Kim

    Sanha Kim

    Joined group 2020

    Previous education: B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign 2020

    Research: Modelling expansion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrotic settings

    Interests outside of the lab: tennis, cinema, turn-based strategy games


Current Undergraduate Students

  • Nushaba Rashid

    Nushaba Rashid

    Joined group 2017

    Research Topic: Does chemotaxis influence the virulence of E. coli bacteria in the gut?

    Interests outside of the Lab: volleyball, climbing, cooking


  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    Joined group 2018

    Research Topic: Soil percolation thresholds for chemotactic bacteria to migrate via water-filled pathways toward root nodules for nitrogen-fixation in leguminous plants

    Interests outside of the Lab: climbing, backpacking, banjo picking